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For a relatively small country Uganda has plenty of African experiences to offer for your holiday. It is a landlocked country that has stunning nature encompassing the Rwenzori Mountains, the source that feeds the world’s longest river, the Nile. Furthermore it has plenty of rain forests, waterfalls, volcano's, lakes and rivers. It offers a broad range of options to explore Africa’s wildlife on a safari too. In Bwindi NP you can have a close encounter with the mountain gorillas. In Kibale Forest you can meet the chimpanzees and in Queen Elizabeth National Park you can spot buffalo’s lions, cheetah’s, hyenas and giraffes. Here you can also do a river cruise to see hippos. For some adventure head to Jinja where you can go wild water rafting. This place belongs to one of the most spectacular sites in the world.


Below we have highlighted the best places to visit in Uganda and provide you with some general travel advice.

  1. Sipi Falls - The Sipi Falls are located in the eastern part of Uganda at the foothills of Mount Elgon. It is arguably one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Uganda. It is exists of three waterfalls of which the 95 meter drop is the most impressive one. You can do some great hiking trails here as well. We recommend taking a local guide who can explain the flora and fauna as well.
  2. Bwindi National Park - this is the national Gorilla Park in Uganda. The gorillas live in bamboo nests where they sleep and poo. The layer of poo protects them against cold nights. As gorillas are really susceptible for infections, people need to keep distance. So unfortunately you can’t shake hands.
  3. Queen Elizabeth NP - Together with Murchison Falls Queen Elizabeth NP is the oldest park in Uganda. It Is located at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains and the shores of Lake Edward and Lake George. The prices are cheaper and it is less touristy than in Kenya and Tanzania. This is also due to the fact the density of animals is less high. Well, less is relative as you still can find elephants, bushbucks, leopards, lions, hyenas and many more. This park has more birds than most other wild parks in Africa.
  4. Rwenzori Mountains - The Rwenzori Mountains is nature at its best. You can find rain forest, bamboo forest and spectacular landscapes. Above 4500 meters snow and glaciers give an extra dimension to this exceptional view. High glaciers, the valley with the nine lakes, rocks, snowcapped mountains, a trekking through this landscape is an unique experience and one of the most beautiful treks in the world.
  5. Lake Bunyonyi - Lake Bunyonyi is no doubt the most beautiful lake in Uganda. It is a magical place, especially when the mist is pulling up early morning. You can make a nice boat trip on the lake. This is also one of the only places where you can swim without having the fear of being attacked by crocodiles or hippos.

What to eat

  1. Rolex - Rolex is a common street food in Uganda. It is a chapatti and egg rolled up! Try Volcano they serve one of the best ones!
  2. Chapatti - If you have been to East Africa before then you must have seen the chapatti. They orginiate from the Indian chapatti, but are a bit different in the sense that they are made with white flour and contain some oil.
  3. Matoke - these are green bananas that are cooked and eaten with meat or fish. It is one of the staple foods of Uganda
  4. Kabalagala - Kabalagala also known as pancake. This is a very favorite snack. Nowadays it has evolved to not only have tastier ingredients, but also to attract more affluent people.
  5. Rice and beans - Rice and beans you can find everywhere. This is one of the main dishes in East Africa.

When to go

Uganda's raised topography means a cooler climate than its equatorial setting suggests. The best period to visit Uganda is between December and March and June until September. In the other periods it is rainy season. If you want to see wildlife then the best time is to go at the end of the dry seasons, February/March, September/early October.

What to know

You can apply for a visa for Uganda online here. Single and multiple entry visas cost 100 USD.

Top rated activities

A 2-day stay with the Bakonzo people near the Rwenzori Mountains
$162.00 p.p.

A 3-day stay near the Rwenzori Mountains

Kasese (Rwenzori NP), Uganda

Unique accommodation next to Queen Elizabeth NP
$66.00 p.p.p.n.

Unique accommodation next to Queen Elizabeth NP

Queen Elizabeth NP, Uganda

Tinka's Homestay in Bigodi
$24.00 p.p.p.n.

Tinka’s Homestay in Bigodi

Bigodi (near Kibale NP), Uganda

Judith Rutaro Homestay Uganda
$25.00 p.p.p.n.

Judith Rutaro Farmstay

Near Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

Sailing on the Nile Uganda
$48.00 p.p.

Sailing on the Nile with Isaac

Jinja, Uganda

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