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Are you bored with the same old travel experiences, visiting the same attractions that everyone visits and being surrounded by loads of annoying tourists? Well, we too and we found out that the best travel experiences you won’t find in a travel guide, but you get by knowing locals.

Your private tour guide can show you his favourite restaurants, shops, unique places and tell you the story behind many of his favorite locations. In this way you have the chance to view a place through the eyes of a local and get to see the hidden gems you would otherwise probably have missed. Discover places by following the advice of locals that know the neighbourhood inside out! In case you are looking for a food tour, city tour or any other short tour or trekking, we have created a database where you can find your local tour guide who can show you the hidden gems.

Via i-likelocal, you can easily find your private local tour guide that fits your need best, and contact him directly. Our aim is to connect travellers to local tour guides to facilitate authentic travel experiences. An easy way to connect with local people.

Do you want to meet your private local tour guide? Meet him here. here.

Top rated activities

$1,470.00 p.p.

Flores Cycling Tour

Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

$396.00 p.p.

2-Day Cycling in West Flores

Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

$113.31 p.p.

Thai Floating Markets and Countryside Food

Bangkok, Thailand

Pottery making class Yogyakarta
$46.69 p.p.

Learn Pottery Making in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

$64.33 p.p.

Delhi Breakfast Trail with Anubhav

Delhi, India

$13.69 p.p.

Food Walk Through Streets of Kolkata

Kolkata, India

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