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The northeast

For travellers and Thais alike, the northeast is Thailand's forgotten backyard. Here rice fields run to the horizon, water buffalos wade in muddy ponds, silk weavers work looms, and pedal-rickshaw drivers pull passengers down city. Here, it is still possible to see people going about their everyday business as they have done for centuries: fishing, weaving silk, growing rice, or trading with their neighbors in the colorful markets. It is bordered by the Mekong River to the north and east, by Cambodia to the southeast, and by the mountains of Prachinburi. To experience northeast Thailand to the full, you do need to get out of its major towns and cities and into the deep countryside. The jewel in Isaan's crown is its Khmer architecture. Nearer to the border of Cambodia are several fantastic Khmer temples. The distances between the sights of Isaan are long, but the landscape is so beautiful, and each sleepy town so diverting, that you will not mind and enjoy the ride.

Top rated activities

$294.00 p.n.

Stay Off the Beaten Path in Northeast Thailand

Udon Thani, Thailand

$48.84 p.p.

Learn to Cook Like a Real Thai!

Chiang Rai, Thailand

$214.89 p.p.

Authentic Hill Tribe Experience in Thailand

Mae Sariang (Mae Hong Son), Thailand

$234.43 p.p.

Lawa Hill Tribe Homestay in Thailand

Mae Sariang (Mae Hong Son), Thailand

$501.28 p.p.

Cycle and Experience Thai Local Life!

Kanchanaburi/Ayutthaya, Thailand

$123.35 p.p.

Authentic Thai Cooking Class and Cruise

Ayutthaya, Thailand

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