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Northern thailand

The northern region of Thailand differs considerably from the rest of the country, both in climate and geography as well as culturally and linguistically. If you travel by train from Bangkok to the north, somewhere between Uttaradit and Den Chai, the train slows almost to a halt, to meet the abruptly rising mountains that continue largely unbroken to the borders of Burma and Laos. You have reached the northern part of Thailand. An area with hill tribes, green mountains, rivers and waterfalls, often set against a backdrop of swirling mists and fog. It is an area that is perfect for the more adventurous traveler. Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai are the most famous places. If you want to go off the beaten track experience a farmstay for a few days or do a trekking to some of the hill tribes in this area.

Top rated activities

€169,63 p.p.

Authentic hill tribe experience in Thailand

Mae Sariang (Mae Hong Son), Thailand

€185,05 p.p.

Lawa hill tribe homestay in Thailand

Mae Sariang (Mae Hong Son), Thailand

€86,35 p.p.

Food Tour Experience In The Soul Of Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

€89,44 p.p.

Thai Floating markets and countryside food

Bangkok, Thailand

€459,53 p.p.

Authentic Moken Experience On Koh Surin Island

Surin Island, Thailand

€107,26 p.p.

Authentic Thai cooking class and cruise

Ayutthaya, Thailand

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