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Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Asia. It has everything from fun and friendly people, stunning beaches, glittering temples and lush green jungle. We didn’t even mention the food which is simply delicious. Travel through Thailand is really easy. The country is a well-worn destination on the backpacking trail and everything is convenient.


Thailand has so much to offer that it was hard to chose. Below our picks of the best places to visit.

  1. Explore Bangkok - An intoxicating blend of high culture, superb shopping and hedonistic entertainment, Bangkok is one of the most exciting and enthralling cities in the world. Stroll around the lively market of Chatuchak market, cruise the Chao Phraya River or bike through the little backstreets.
  2. Visit the hill tribes around Chiang Mai – the northern part of Thailand still has many traditional hill tribes living in this mountainous area. Immerse in their daily life for a few days.
  3. Relax on tropical islands – Thailand boost of little tropical islands. One is more popular among travelers than the other. Our favorite ones are Koh Lipe, a beautiful tropical island with amazingly white beaches and turquoise sea. Is a very laid-back backpacker island (no motorized vehicles allowed). Another nice island is Koh Samet and very close to Bangkok (2 hour drive, 30 minutes by boat). Popular among Thai, so could be busy in the weekend.
  4. Visit Khao Sok National Park – this park in Southern Thailand is an amazing place. It is covered by the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world, huge limestone mountains shooting straight up in the air, deep valleys, breathtaking lakes, exciting caves, wild animals and much more.
  5. Go off the beaten track in the hills of northern Thailand – this is still a relatively unexplored area and is covered with mountains. It still has a very rural feeling and creates a perfect opportunity to experience Thailand 20 years back. Stay at a local homestay to have the real local experience!
  6. Take a cooking class – it is wonderful to learn how to make these amazing dishes. All around Thailand cooking classes are offered.

What to eat

Thailand’s food needs little introduction. The sweet, sour, hot and salty flavor is what makes Thai cuisine so distinct.

  1. Pad Thai – this dish is probably the most famous dish outside of Thailand. Rice noodles are stir fried together with ingredients like onions, tofu, bean sprouts, peanuts, shrimp, garlic, pepper, fish sauce and lime juice. A scrambled egg is mixed into the noodles which gives it a nice twist.
  2. Thom Kha Gai soup - this soup is packed with herbs and spices, blended with coconut milk and stock, and loaded up with prawns and chicken.
  3. Gai Pad Pongali - chicken, onions, tomatoes and peppers are brought alive with a delicate Thai yellow curry paste. What makes the dish spectacular is the egg that is cracked into the dish to curdle and thicken all the ingredients.
  4. Thai fish cakes – these little snacks are always a delicious treat.
  5. Green or red curry – this thick curry which is rich of different flavors, spices, vegetables and meat or fish and is always a good choice. The red curry is spicier than the green curry.

When to go

The climate of most of Thailand is governed by three seasons: rainy roughly from May until October, cool weather from November until February and hot from March until May.

What to know

Thailand allows tourist-visa exemptions for 41 different nationalities, including those from Australia, New Zealand, the USA and most of Europe, to enter the country without a prearranged visa. If you are arriving by air, a 30-day visa is issued without a fee. If you arrive via a land border, the arrival visa is 15 days. For the latest information check www.mfa.go.th .

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Mae Sariang (Mae Hong Son), Thailand

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Lawa Hill Tribe Homestay in Thailand

Mae Sariang (Mae Hong Son), Thailand

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