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Become a local tour guide or host

Become a local tour guide or host with I Like Local and help travelers experience your unique culture.

Great that you are interested in becoming a local tour guide or host! Let us tell you a bit more about what it means to become part of our local tribe.

What you can offer

You can offer all types of authentic local experiences to travelers like homestays, farmstays, guided tours, home dinners, cooking classes, handicraft workshops, volunteering work and many more. We do have a couple of requirements though.

  1. Homestays shouldn’t have more than 5 bedrooms and you should live in the same house or next door to assure that it provides the traveler a personal, local experience
  2. Guided tours should have a maximum of 6 people per group
  3. In case you are a local travel agency, the company needs to be owned by a local and should be able to show how the local community benefit.

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How does it work

If your activities meet our requirements above and we have received the necessary information, we will create your I Like Local website page and promote it for you.

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