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Welcome to Kyrgyzstan! A land with a vast landscape, snow capped mountains, yurts and Shepherds, tucked away in the middle of Central Asia. It is a place fairly untouched by travelers and a great destination if you are looking for impressive nature, off the beaten track travel and heartwarming people. You will never come across a yurt without being invited for a cup of the Kymyz and a snack. If you are invited into the house of a local the most amazing delicacies will be served. A hospitality that is hard to encounter in the Western world.

The Kyrgyz people are traditional nomads, herding sheep and living in a yurt. It is a wonderful experience to sleep in a yurt for a night, help locals in making traditional bread and cheese or follow ancient trails as you move from jailoo to jailoo with a local guide.

Also its stunning nature is worth exploring. Kyrgyzstan offers great hiking and trekking opportunities. If this is a bit too active for you then there are also plenty of horseback riding tours that vary from a day to a couple of days sleeping in homestays along the way.

Kyrgyzstan will amaze you. It is a place that has still kept its traditional culture and a real hidden gem in Asia.

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Traditional Yurt Lodge accommodation Kyrgyzstan
$21.49 p.p.p.n.

Stay in a traditional Yurt Lodge

Grigorievka, Kyrgyzstan

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