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Northern kenya

Far away up in the North, Kenya is expansive, unexplored but rich in color. It is arid country, scorched and roasting under the equatorial sun and very little rain. Every day, the sun seems to be smiling down on this part of Kenya. Although wildlife in the north is relatively sparse, the people are its biggest draw. It is easy to take photographs and interact with these locals. With a fun all-terrain vehicle, tour these rugged terrains and experience the thrills, well cut out landscapes that flourish into the horizon and even desert wildlife.

Top rated activities

Farm tour and delicious lunch
$24.20 p.p.

Farm Tour and Delicious Lunch

Nairobi, Kenya

Community-run lodge overlooking the vast landscape
$181.18 p.p.p.n.

Community-Run Lodge Overlooking the Vast Landscape

Timau, Kenya

Have dinner with Kombo and his family
$12.68 p.p.

Have Dinner with Kombo and His Family

Fumbini (near Kilifi), Kenya

Village walk and dinner with a view
$9.87 p.p.

Village Walk and Dinner With a View

Fumbini (near Kilifi), Kenya

The beach house in Lamu
$80.05 p.p.p.n.

Beautiful Stay At Lamu Island

Lamu Island, Kenya

Jewelry Workshop with local Kenyan Women
$24.36 p.p.

Jewelry Workshop with Local Kenyan Women

Nairobi, Kenya

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