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The heart of Indonesia, Java, is one of the densest populated places on earth. Nevertheless it is also rich with not less than 121 active volcanoes, fertile slopes dotted with green rice and tea plantations and small little villages, rainforest and even savannah. The scenery in most parts of Java is spectacular and, while the island is overpopulated, there are still plenty of unspoiled places.

It is also one of the most culturally active islands of Indonesia with its epic center Yogyakarta and Solo. Yogyakarta is a bustling town and full of art and education. It is also a excellent base from where to visit the famous temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. It’s little sister Solo is less touristy, but also offers plenty of culturally activities.

To the east is the famous Mount Bromo. An area characterized by rugged, barren volcanic peaks and gravel plains, but also areas that are very lush and green fed by rivers from the high tops.

Java is the perfect place to combine art and culture with nature.

Top rated activities

$66.00 p.p.

Balinese Cooking Class in a Local Village

Rumah Desa, (Jatiluwih), Indonesia

Farm tour Bali
$22.26 p.p.

3-Course Balinese Farm Lunch Experience

Jatiluwih (Penebel, Bali), Indonesia

Visit Megalith site Cianjur Indonesia
$26.00 p.p.

A Trip to the Gunung Padang Megalithic Site

Tanjungsari (Cianjur, West-Java), Indonesia

$1,470.00 p.p.

Flores Cycling Tour

Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

$396.00 p.p.

2-Day Cycling in West Flores

Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

Pottery making class Yogyakarta
$46.69 p.p.

Learn Pottery Making in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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