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West india

Home to the financial capital – Mumbai, the business capital – Gujarat and the beach capital – Goa, the western part of India is culturally diverse and one of the most sort after destination for other Indian states and the world. Passion flows in the air, whether it is festivals, food or life in general, everything here is grand. With skyscrapers in the cities and the most beautiful holiday locations a stone throw away, they have it all.

Top rated activities

$32.70 p.a.

Enjoy and Experience Farm Baluti

Kotabagh (Uttarakhand), India

$64.33 p.p.

Delhi Breakfast Trail with Anubhav

Delhi, India

$71.11 p.p.

Delhi Food Walk with Anubhav in India

Delhi, India

$16.08 p.p.

Experience the Dharavi Slum in Mumbai

Mumbai, India

$67.72 p.p.

Experience Indian Village Life for a Day

Mumbai, India

$21.16 p.p.p.n.

Farmstay on a Coffee Plantation

Wayanad (Kerala), India

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