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North india

The Himalayas in Himachal and Jammu & Kashmir, the green fields of Punjab and Haryana, the deserts of Rajasthan and the beauty of some incredible world heritage sites. North India is home to a cultural blend and influences from Mughals to the British. A heaven for trekkers and bikers. Rich here is a term used mainly for food!

Top rated activities

$32.70 p.a.

Enjoy and Experience Farm Baluti

Kotabagh (Uttarakhand), India

$64.33 p.p.

Delhi Breakfast Trail with Anubhav

Delhi, India

$71.11 p.p.

Delhi Food Walk with Anubhav in India

Delhi, India

$16.08 p.p.

Experience the Dharavi Slum in Mumbai

Mumbai, India

$67.72 p.p.

Experience Indian Village Life for a Day

Mumbai, India

$21.16 p.p.p.n.

Farmstay on a Coffee Plantation

Wayanad (Kerala), India

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