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Are you curious, friendly, hospitable and willing to share your knowledge and stories with people from around the world? Yes? Then have further read

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We are not looking for any tour guide or host. We are looking for passionate people with certain knowledge, skills or a place that they own.

Skilled Hosts

You master a certain skill from any craft, cooking, meditation, dancing to singing. It could be anything that you are able to teach people.

Knowledgeable hosts

You know the hidden gems of a city or area or have knowledge of the history of a specific place. Your guests need to feel they have seen or heard something they otherwise wouldn't have.

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Owners of homestay or farm

You own a farm or a homestay where you live yourself and you welcome travellers to stay for a few nights, share a meal and stories

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Earn Money with the things you love

We guarantee your payment via our safe and trusted payment process, even with late cancellations and no shows.


Payment guaranteed

We guarantee your payment via our safe and trusted payment process, even with late cancellations and no shows.


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We will use our marketing skills and knowledge to promote you worldwide.


Meet new people & cultures

Not only do you earn money, but you will also meet people and learn about various cultures across the world.


We help you succeed

With the help of our marketing experience and copywriters, we make the best out of your offer! Besides this we help you with tips, and articles how to be the most successful host.

Kitt Thailand



“I Like Local not only helps me to provide basic needs for my family, but also for my village. With the money I am able to educate farmers and help them to farm in harmony with nature, and not to harm it.”

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Only pay for the transaction

There are no costs to a sign-up or a booking as we have the goal to empower local people. You only pay for the transaction costs to transfer the money to your bank account.