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A home away from home! Living with a local family is as close as you can be to tasting the local flavors of culture and getting the real insight into the lives of the locals. Getting up in the morning to new sounds and fragrances, immersing yourself into the daily lives of your host and enjoying the authentic home-cooked meals, it is an adventure in itself. As it is nowadays more and more difficult to find the non-touristic places and be able to really taste the local culture of a country, sleeping at a local family’s home provides you the chance to get an in depth experience of the local culture. Experience the warmth and uniqueness of a family’s own house. Come discover a country in a new way that defies definitions and stereotypes. You surely will leave feeling like one of them!

Do you want to know more and check out some wonderful homestays in Asia? Meet the local people and their homes here.

Top rated activities

$23.50 p.p.p.n.

Experience traditional village life in Sabah

Lupa Masa Beach, Malaysia

$120.00 p.p.

Lao village experience near Luang Prabang

Ban Mouang Suan, Laos

$11.74 p.a.

Help on an organic orchard farm

Bago City, Philippines

$46.53 p.p.p.n.

A Rejuvinating Jungle Farmstay

Khanapur Taluka, India

$50.26 p.p.p.n.

Spa for the Soul - A unique farm experience!

Maharashtra, India

$46.53 p.n.

Farmstay on a coffee plantation

Wayanad (Kerala), India

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