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  • How can I join I Like Local?

    Great that you are interested in becoming a local tour guide or host!

    You can send an email to contact@i-likelocal.com with the following information:

    • Your name
    • Description of the activity you would like to offer
    • Country you would like to offer your activity
    • Price of the activity
    • Address of the meeting point
    • Short description of yourself + picture for your profile
    • Your email address and mobile phone number
    • At least five picture of the activity with a minimum size of 640x400 pixels
  • What are the requirements to join?

    I Like Local is set up with a clear vision and three main principles. Your activity needs to meet these requirements in order to be accepted. The requirements are:

    All experiences

    A traveler must be able to immerse in your local culture and be able to participate in the daily life. Eat where the locals eat, learn how the locals cook or take the trails the locals take


    Homestays shouldn’t have more than 5 bedrooms and you should live in the same house or next door to assure that it provides the traveler with a personal, local experience


    Guided tours should be private or have a maximum of 6 people per group. Tours should be authentic and not standard

    Activities provided by travel agencies

    In case you are a local travel agency, the company needs to be owned by a local and should be able to show how the local community benefit. Your profit shouldn't exceed the 25%.
  • In which countries can I offer an activity?

    You can offer activities in Asia, Africa and Mid-South America. We are not active in all the countries on these continents yet so this will determine how fast we can create a page for you.

  • What kind of activities can I offer?

    You can offer all types of authentic local experiences to travelers like homestays, farmstays, guided tours, home dinners, cooking classes, handicraft workshops, volunteering work and many more. Most important thing is that it needs to be authentic and unique in which people can really experience your country and culture.

  • How does I Like Local work?

    If your activities meet our requirements and we have received the necessary information, we will create your I Like Local website page and promote it for you. From then onwards a traveler can send you a booking request or can send you a question per email. You have 48 hours to reject or confirm this booking. When confirmed you will receive the travelers details (phone number and email) and you can arrange meeting-point and other practical details.
  • How will I get paid?

    You will be paid on location by the traveler in cash or with card, whatever option you prefer. In case you require a deposit you will have to arrange this with the traveler as soon as the booking has been confirmed from your side. We need to mention this on your I Like Local web page.