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About i like local

  • What is I Like Local?

    I Like Local is a travel platform where you can book authentic, local travel experiences organized by local people in developing countries. By booking these local experiences you empower and support locals and their communities directly. 100% of the money asked by the locals for their local experiences is directly paid to them; I Like Local doesn’t charge them anything.

  • Why I Like Local?

    The idea of I Like Local started at a time I was still working as a business consultant. A world led by money and short term vision, I never truly felt I was working on anything valuable. I quit my job and moved to Brazil. There I had the chance to combine my passion for other countries and cultures with my belief in the principles of The Sharing Economy: combining strengths, collaborating and sharing to create more value for more people worldwide.

    Especially in a time where our world is so divided I want to connect people of different cultures again, create understanding and help in creating a more equal world. With I Like Local I want to create value for both the local and the traveler in a simple and sustainable way.

  • How does it work?

    STEP 1

    Search for an activity in the country you are traveling to or get inspired by different activities like the highest rated, newest or picks by the I Like Local team.

    Feeling overwhelmed? Use the filters on the left side of the search results page to narrow your search. Filter by country, category, price, duration, and number of people. Use all the tools at your disposal to find your perfect activity. Reviews, verified photos, maps and more help you evaluate activities.

    STEP 2

    Select the experience you like to book or put your favorite one in your wish list

    STEP 3

    Provide your details or if you already have signed up this is done for you

    STEP 4

    Book it. When a local accepts your booking request, you will receive a booking confirmation, the direct contact details of the local including the exact address.

    After the local accepts your booking, your payment method will be authorized.

  • How do I know if a local can be trusted?

    We have incorporated several measures to ensure safe and trustworthy experiences:

    a. References

    We ask every local for references, like experiences from volunteers and/or travelers, NGO's and government bodies.

    b. Quality check

    We have verified information such as name, address, social profiles, phone number, payment details and description of experience.

    c. Frequent contact

    We had contact with the locals frequently by phone and/or email

    d. Review system

    The local can be reviewed after an experience, giving you greater confidence in the experience.
  • How does l Like Local earn money?

    I Like Local uses between 15 and 20 percent of the total booking amount, depending on the price of the activity, for:

    • Giving travelers the opportunity to book unique local travel experiences
    • To support locals in developing countries and offer them access to a worldwide market
    • Making the I Like Local concept also available to other locals
    • To administer the payments from the traveler to the local and make sure the traveler gets his money back in case of a bad experience or no show.

    This 15 to 20 percent is already included in the total booking price.