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Hi, my name is Marion Op het Veld and I am the Co-founder and Managing Director of Sarakasi Trust. Sarakasi Trust is a performing art charitable Trust based in Nairobi, Kenya working towards building capacity in the arts sector. The organisation has been working in the area of Culture for Development since its establishment in 2001. Sarakasi is Swahili for Circus or Acrobatics.

The Trust works as a mechanism for development by effecting actual demonstrable transformation in the livelihoods of young people, expanding their capacity through life skill workshops, capacity training, performance based training, exchange programs and commercial contracts which immediately and structurally impact their ability to access a sustainable income. Sarakasi goes beyond artistic training and is committed to the personal, social, professional and economic development of its artists. Sarakasi remains focused on providing the artists with skill sets and information that will catalyse their long-term transformation and inclusion in society. Sarakasi’s approach has always been bottom up and concentrates mostly on dance and acrobatic performing arts trainings.

Nairobi, Kenya

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