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Mkuu Rombo, Tanzania

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My name is Linus. I'm the founder and Coordinator of Mkuu Cultural Tourism Enterprise. I grew up in Mkuu-Rombo village 61 km from Moshi and 25 km from Lake Chala Crater. I have experience in Tanzania cultural tourism since 2009 – have been working with different cultural tourism programs and guiding tourists since 2012. I know well what cultural tourists like and prefer. Drop me a line and let me take you to a magic place off-the-beaten Path!

I am establishing a quasi Museum (local Museum) in my village dedicated to collect and preserve our valuable cultural objects which are facing massive destruction and loss due to globalization and other factors, a lot of objects already collected.
Taking tourists to Mkuu-Rombo and Lake Chala off-the-beaten path and sharing our culture and our area helps in preserving it.

Mkuu Rombo, Tanzania

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