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Hi, I'm Samuel and I'm a professional chef with 10 years of experience in internationally renowned hotels. I wish to bring underrated Malaysian cuisine globally with unforgettable culinary experiences and also to bring together a social online community with quick easy recipes with local Malaysian ingredients, accessible by the end of our fingertips. Mum's impressive home-cooking has sparked my culinary interest since childhood, and embarked me on this never-ending culinary journey!

I live in Penang, Malaysia - hailed as one of the best food cities in Asia together with my fiancee, Jacqueline who herself is a local. Its winning blend is the rooted 200-year diversity of Asian cultures in a single place - Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, Japanese & Western, which even gave birth to cuisine like - Nyonya (Peranakan) & Eurasian. Hailed as yummiest food places in Asia, I've mastered the skills into making em' and love to share all the Malaysian food culture wisdom with all food enthusiasts like you.

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