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Om suastiastu, my name is Wayan from the beautiful island nation of Indonesia.

I live with my wife and two young daughters in a Balinese compound in Bangli, which lies in the heart of Bali. I have always had a passion for food and love to share our diverse and traditional Balinese cuisine with people worldwide. In Balinese cuisine, we use a wide variety of herbs, which also act as a type of traditional medicine, which grows in the wild surrounding our community. Usually, I provide an onsite home cooking class and a homestay in our compound, but due to the current time, this is not possible at the moment.

During this 1-hour virtual tour experience via Zoom or Skype, I would love to share a meal with you to hear more about your culture and tell you more about my story, culture, and cherished traditions!


We had a great time having a chat and share a meal with Wayan and his family. He explained what they had prepared, what their traditions are in Bali etc. We shared what we are eating in the Netherlands and was is a common type of food here. It was very interesting for us to hear as we are planning to visit Bali hopefully next year and then meet Wayan in person.

The Netherlands

Wayan was very affable, motivated, introduced me to his wife and very humble explained the process of preparing and serving food mainly for the locals, due to COVID19 travel restrictions.

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Sawadee krup, I am Wayan. I live with my wife and two little daughters in a small Balinese compound in Bangli in the heart of Bali. Most of the people who live here are farmers. We have many plantations and nearly everything we need grows well in this area. We warmly welcome you to our family compound and have a peek into Balinese life. In addition to supporting our family and our community when you book this experience, the money you spend also goes towards a program to teach English to the children in the village and a recycling project to educate local people on reducing plastic waste.


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