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Hi, I am Wayan, and I will take you on a Bali virtual live herbal tour through the lush jungle surrounding Ubud in Bali. Indonesia has the most incredible diversity of herbal medicine anywhere globally, and through the centuries, we have maintained our ancient and symbiotic relationship with the natural world. It is such an indispensable part of our life and culture.

My family has made their own traditional herbal medicine for centuries, with that knowledge continuously being passed down from generation to generation. Together with my great-grandma, my grandma, and my mother, I have learned how to use the numerous herbs found in nature for traditional medicine and essential ingredients in our food. We use 90% preventive tea, pastes, and more to prevent diseases, and 60% of conditions we can treat with our herbal medicines.

My grandma is well-known in the community and amongst our neighbors for her famous herbal drink 'Loloh' that helps prevent a cold and many other ailments. The special ingredient that makes this remedy stand out is turmeric, which reminds me of my childhood drinking this refreshing herbal drink.

We also use moringa leaves or magic leaves that are believed to cleanse the blood. And at the same time to expel evil energy from our houses; by our elders. Usually, we add the moringa leaves to a curry or vegetable soup. It can also be used as 'Boreh', a type of skincare scrub that will help preserve the skin.

During this virtual walking tour, you will gain insight into our ancient ancestral techniques and practices of Balinese herbal healing, learn to recognize plans by their medicinal effects, and of course, I will show you how to make our famous family 'Loloh' drink that you can even make yourself at home!


Wayan took us on a virtual walkthrough of his village. He stopped along the way to show us different species of plants and herbs and explained to us how they are used in traditional medicine. “This is the cat whiskers plant, it is used for high blood pressure,” he explains. “How do you know this?” asks a member of our team. “I followed my father since I was very young, learning knowledge about plants. Now when I run tours I use google translate to learn the names of the herbs in English. We live off this land, for food, and for medicine. I was inspired by Wayan’s knowledge and the Balinese way of life. I have been to Bali before but watching him walk through the village, seeing the children smile and wave, the vast rice fields in the distance, I was reminded of the laidback Balinese way of life, the slower pace, and the deeper connection to the land. I Like Local's virtual tours provide a respite for people like Wayan who have been economically impacted by strict border closures. Although they are virtual, I still felt a sense of connection to Wayan and to Bali and felt like I was making a contribution to sustainable tourism.

Biana Caruana

It was a lovely experience to walk through the Balinese jungle virtually with Wayan! The wifi connection was great and we connected smoothly on Zoom. It was something I really needed as I consider Bali my second home and I was d experiencing lockdown in Italy during the time. Being able to see parts of Bali again through Wayan’s eyes was a very magical experience. Very thankful for this experience!

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Sawadee krup, I am Wayan. I live with my wife and two little daughters in a small Balinese compound in Bangli in the heart of Bali. Most of the people who live here are farmers. We have many plantations and nearly everything we need grows well in this area. We warmly welcome you to our family compound and have a peek into Balinese life. In addition to supporting our family and our community when you book this experience, the money you spend also goes towards a program to teach English to the children in the village and a recycling project to educate local people on reducing plastic waste.


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