Palm Weaving with Siem Reap Local Women


Siem Reap local culture comes to life as you take part in this relaxing creative workshop. Get to know local Cambodian village women as they share palm weaving skills passed down through the generations. Join a sustainable and eco-friendly art session and meet the people who will directly benefit from your fee.

Palm is a crucial crop to the Cambodians, and almost all the parts of the palm are used in daily home and village life. Palm leaves are used to weave into boxes, clothing, accessories, and even a house’s roof or wall. Its wood is made into furniture and traditional medicine, and the palm fruits can become palm wine, palm juice, palm sugar, palm cake, etc. Locals also use palm roots for healing illness.

Create some fun memories, get to know your teacher, and ask any questions about their life, daily habits, and culture. They would love to get to know about where you come from too, so feel free to share your stories as well! Through the simple act of sitting down and spending time together, you will connect with Cambodia unlike any guide book, map, or movie you could find. There is nothing special in meeting the local people of Siem Reap and supporting their way of life. Undoubtedly this is one of the best things to do in Siem Reap.

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I am Hoeun and I connect local artists with travelers who want to learn their artistic skills. I believe in promoting local culture through engaging workshops in traditional practice. In this way, we enhance the local economy through participating and preserve our culture.


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