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How it works

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The concept

Travel your way, support their way.

What is I Like Local

I Like Local focuses on offering unique, local activities organized by local people in developing countries. By booking these local activities you empower and stimulate locals directly. 100% of the money asked by the locals for their activities is directly paid to them; I Like Local doesn’t charge them anything. Besides this I Like Local is looking for more ways than just financially support them.

I Like Local offers the following local activities:

  • Homestay
    Experience the warmth and uniqueness of a family’s own house, eat their local food which is often the best you can get and get to know their habits and culture. Spend a day or even a few days with a local family to get that real local experience you will never forget!
  • Farmstay
    Getting to know how it is to work and live on a local farm? Then this is a unique experience for you. The types of farms vary from tea or coffee plantations to orchard farms -most of them are organic farms. You can join them in their day-to-day activities or just relax if that’s what you prefer more. Experience life on a local farm!
  • Trek & Tour
    A local always knows the best places to go, off the beaten track. They can tell you all about their culture and about their environment and show you the hidden gems. You can go for a short hike, a trek for a couple of days or a tour around the city. You will definitely see places you would otherwise not have found.
  • Volunteering
    Sometimes you are traveling and suddenly you realize that you would love to do something for the local people around you, only for a short period, so that it fits into your holiday. But this type of volunteering work is difficult to find. In most cases you have to commit yourself for a long period and pay quite some money. I Like Local has selected volunteering opportunities from one day to a couple of days without paying large amounts of money. You often get free food and accommodation in return.
  • Food experience
    This is all about food. If you like cooking then a cooking class, given by a local, is a good opportunity so that you can serve your friends at home your favorite ‘local dish’. For the traveler who just wants to eat a home dinner with a family is a good option to taste their culture. Maybe your hostess is even willing to share her recipe with you afterwards…
  • Art & Culture
    Go on a journey through a countries creative and cultural heritage. Learn how to make local handicrafts or how to produce silk or enjoy a relaxing massage. All the activities will provide you insight in sometimes century old methods and techniques.

Our principles

I Like Local is set up with a clear vision and three main principles. These principles are:

  • Connect: connecting travelers with locals in developing countries on a personal basis, which means that we only offer private or small (4-6 people) groups. In case of accommodation not more than 4 bedrooms will be offered.
  • Engage: a traveler must be able to immerse in the local culture by participating in the daily life of a local. Eat where the locals eat, learn how the locals cook or take the trails the locals take.
  • Empower: the local or local community must benefit from the activity directly

In some cases it is not possible to work directly with individual locals as not all of them speak English. In those cases we work with local NGO’s running community based tourism projects that help poor communities getting additional income or we work with small local travel agencies who are supporting local communities by offering them jobs, providing them a certain percentage of their profit, training them and/or are focusing on environmental friendly solutions. They are all picked with the greatest care to protect our principles.