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The concept

Travel your way, support their way.

What is I Like Local

I Like Local is a social enterprise that enables travelers to book authentic travel experiences directly from locals in Asia and Africa. Our goal is two-fold: in-depth experiences for travelers and direct income for local people. 100% of the money asked by the local hosts is directly paid to them. I Like Local doesn't charge them anything.

Our Mission

I Like Local is set up with a clear vision and three main principles. These principles are:

  • Connect: We strive to bridge the gap between cultures and bring people together allowing them to create deeper connections and lasting memories
  • Engage: We believe in the transformational power of travel. Immersing in the life of locals facilitates better understanding and gives travelers a new perspective
  • Empower: Travel has the unique ability to strengthen economies and improve the quality of life in communities all over the world. We want to empower locals by giving them direct access to consumers

In some cases it is not possible to work directly with individual locals as not all of them speak English. In those cases we work with local NGO’s running community based tourism projects that help poor communities getting additional income or we work with small local travel agencies who are supporting local communities by offering them jobs, providing them a certain percentage of their profit, training them and/or are focusing on environmental friendly solutions. They are all picked with the greatest care to protect our principles.