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Pac ngoi homestay in ba be national park

Pac ngoi (ba be np), Vietnam

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It was a wonderful discovery of Ba Be ! I went there with my friend Alexia. We had delicious food during the whole stay. We also walked around a lot. Our favorite activity was the boat cruise through the whole lake of Ba be. We visited a cave and saw a beautiful waterfall. Mr Manh's family was adorable, and very helpful. Thanks to their homestay, we had unforgettable memories. On the comfort level, it is basic but all the essentials were there (WC, bathrooms, towels, mosquito nest). Just be well prepared when you come; when it's hot season..it is very hot in the rooms..and apparently when it's cold season it may be very cold! Just remember t is all about "Experience" ! The view is a dream!

30 Jul 2019

We had such a great stay at Mr. Manh's homestay in Ba Be. It is very authentic and located at a quiet place. The food was perfect and the family was very sweet. A perfect way to get a peek into local life. Thanks so much!

28 Aug 2018

It was really good, just what I was looking for. I choose this homestay because they told they don't speak much English. But I can speak some Vietnamese so it was just a good thing and I had change to practise my skills. Mr. manh and his family were very nice and they arranged us program for two days (one day we went trekking and another day to a boat tour). The house was clean and cozy and everything was working even better than I expected. I really like this kind of places and Vietnamese people. Can definitely recommend!

05 Jun 2017

What a wonderful stay we had! It is the very last homestay going up the side of the lake. Close to the boat launch area. Our guide thought that it was too isolated and quiet. We loved it. Mr. Manh and his family were very nice, everything was clean and the food was good. Only instant coffee - but whenever we wanted. I am sure they will remember us well. Comfortable beds, low but not on the floor and they did put an extra mattress on to raise it even more. 3 days is simply not enough time. With 4 we rushed. We loved out stay! Thanks!

30 Mar 2017