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Stay in the community-run camp of the banyoro

Murchison falls national park, Uganda

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  • The bandas of the camp
  • Harvesting vegetables with a local woman
  • The craft shop
  • The camp
  • The huts
  • Murchison falls


Duration: 2 days

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 1 - 12



  • Stay in the traditional grass thatched African hut just like anyone in the village
  • Dress up like a local man or woman and carry a basket to harvest the foods from the garden
  • The plenty of organic fruits (in season) and birds all day long
  • Listen to the traditional story of the mountain lake
  • Learn tricks of a local farmer during their daily life in the Banyoro community
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Maximum number of guests 12



Welcome! On your way to Murchison falls national park you will find our rustic community. You are warmly welcomed to stay at our camp that is run by women of our community. The site is filled with many trees including fruit trees, shrubs and flowers. We therefore have many butterflies and birds including our own colony of weavers. In season, you will receive some fruits dropped by the birds or you can harvest some yourself. Our site is a tranquil place to relax, away from the tourist trail. Settle in your traditional Banyoro hut and learn how we participate in building these authentic huts.

Edna and her group will welcome you to the African village and dress you up in local attire before taking you to the garden to harvest some vegetables for our dinner. They will show you how they prepare a traditional Munyoro household meal. All foods are freshly harvested around the house. You will carry the traditional basket to participate in the harvesting of bananas, sweet potatoes, and vegetables. During the tour, you will also get insight in the farming methods of these traditional foods and how to tell if the food is ripe and ready for harvesting. You will have a lot of fun staying with us.

We have a variety of bandas, singles, doubles, twins and one larger space for accommodating groups. Some bandas have lighting from solar power. One banda has been left as a traditional mud banda. There is a campground and campfire. We have open air showers, composting toilets and hot water can be supplied in a jerry can on request. We are located in well maintained enclosed grounds.

We provide basic meals either in the traditional Ugandan style or alternatively meals of a more western style, both with meat and vegetarian. Drinks and sodas are also available.

Price includes:

  • Full board accommodation for one night
  • The cooking tour
More information

Meet the Local Women of Banyoro

Member since: November 2015

Welcome to our camp, run by the local women of the Banyoro community. The income we generate from this community project is used to support other community development initiatives as they address poverty, empowering women and improving the local livelihoods. We hope to welcome you!

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$ 29.29 p.p.p.n.