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A 3-day stay near the rwenzori mountains

Kasese (rwenzori np), Uganda

The Experience Reviews (1)
  • Beautiful view of the lake at Rwenzori national park
  • The community camp near Rwenzori national park
  • Meet the blacksmith
  • Your place to sleep
  • Celebrating friendship
  • A beautiful walk through the Rwenzori Mountain Range
  • Goodmorning!
  • Chameleon along the way
  • Walking trail
  • Wildlife at our camp
  • Preparing the food


Duration: 2 days

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 1 - 12



  • A unique 3-day peek into the life of the Bakonzo people
  • See daily life in 5 different homes
  • Learn about traditional healing, basket weaving and farming
  • Walk through one of the most beautiful parts of Uganda with the Rwenzori mountains at the back
  • Duration: 3 days/2 nights



These 3 days will take you in a nutshell through the lives of our community near the Rwenzori Mountain Range in Western Uganda. Meet the black smith and learn how to make local tools, visit the local healer, and hear one of the amazing stories of the local storyteller while enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

On the day of arrival you will be shown your room after which you can enjoy a delicious lunch. In the evening you will walk through the village with our local guide as you meet, interact with the local people. You will be invited into five different homes that are all unique in their own way. Meet the black smith and learn how to make the local tools that are used for more than 300 years. At the storyteller’s home you will listen to some of the key stories around the fireplace that educate our generations. Visit our basket weaver and learn how baskets are used in our homes and even learn how to weave one yourself. A traditional healer will take you through the healing process of the common ailments. At the local farmer’s home, you will be taught to prune the bananas, farm the vegetables or harvest the fruits. On interest, a longer appointment and participation can be arranged at one of the houses of your preference.

The next morning we will start with a climb of one of the highest hills in the village, at 2430 m above sea level. You will start from the base camp at around 1646 m above sea level climbing your way to the top. The local guide will tell you all about the different plants you meet along the way and share other facts about local life while you enjoy the great views. As you walk along the local farms on the hills, meeting the local families at work or at their homes, you will have an opportunity to learn, farm or participate in other household activities. When we reach the top you will be blessed with amazing views and even have the chance to see the margarita snow caped peaks (if the weather is clear). The scenery here is spectacular with the Rwenzori looking a few inches away. After a break and having enjoyed your packed snack we will head back via the forest. Enjoy the relaxing sound of the small stream and of the animals in this part of the mountain. We will look for small animals like chameleons, snakes, birds, squirrels and sometimes the primates that may have crossed from the park. We will arrive at the camp for lunch. In the afternoon you can relax on your balcony and breathe in the fresh Rwenzori air as you take in the amazing views of the mountains. In the evening, you have an option to participate in the traditional dance of the Bakonzo people.

The next morning we will head back.

During these 3 days you will stay in a twin-based room. Be aware that the place can be cold so you need to pack warm clothes! The camp runs on solar power and minimum hydroelectric power so telephone signals and electricity are weak. We will show you the spots where you can receive connection or less than a kilometer will give you very good connection.

Price includes:

  • Full board accommodation for two days
  • Tours
  • Guides payment and the experience
  • Payment to the homes visited

Price excludes:

  • Gifts and bar drinks bought during the trip
  • Traditional dance
  • Extra longer stays with the community if you choose to visit the homes further
  • Transport to and from the community (this can be organizes separately)
More information

Meet our Community

Member since: November 2015

We welcome you to our community located in western Uganda to experience the wonderful nature and culture of the Rwenzori Mountains and our way of life. You will stay in our accommodation located in the forest with breathtaking views. All the income all the income of the camp is spent within the community to support community development and conservation initiatives. Our camp is located closest to nature with small creeks, insects and birds allowing you to get the serene times of your life, listening to nature. We have up to 100 acres of natural forest, just adjacent to the park, to make walking in the community as good as going to the park. During your visit, you will learn the innovative ways we use to conserve the forest.

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