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Live and learn with a traditional lanna family

Ban pang turm village (chiang mai), Thailand

The Activity


  • Experience the daily life of a Lanna farm family
  • Learn about permaculture, Thai healing herbs, meditation and typical Lanna cooking
  • Take a refreshing dip in the small rivers nearby
  • Stroll around sticky rice fields, coffee slopes and gardens with coriander, papayas and peppers
  • Duration: 1 week +
  • Maximum number of participants is 6


Our farm is a 2-3 hour ride into the evergreen mountains of Chiang Mai, just past the small town of Samoeng. Constellations of small villages and fields of peanuts, garlic and marigolds surround the farm. There are two small rivers nearby, and volunteers enjoy taking a refreshing dip in one of them. The land in which we grow our crops has been split into several sections; the majority of our vegetable crops are planted in the front gardens, including mustard, coriander, papaya, bananas, peppers, sweet potatoes and eggplant. There are sticky rice fields and coffee slopes planted towards the back of the property and we now have additional crops in the backfields, which can be reached through beautiful hiking trails.

You can do a lot of different things at our permaculture farm. We grow coffee, bananas, eggplants and many more crops. In addition to sustainable farming, you will have the chance to learn about traditional Thai healing herbs, Buddhism and meditation, Lanna cooking, breeding chickens, forest survival, building bamboo huts, Lanna music (guitar) and more.

You will stay in simple but private bamboo huts in a beautiful garden setting. We also have one dome-shaped dorm. We provide mosquito nets, mattresses, blankets, pillows and sheets. There are shared toilets and showers (cold water).

Price includes:

  • Meals
  • Water, coffee and tea
  • Accommodation

Price excludes:

  • Other drinks
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Meet Jim & Tea

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Hi, we are Pinan Jim and Pinan Tea, a Thai couple with an 8-year-old son. I was a Buddhist monk for 16 years before starting the permaculture farm with Pinan Tea in my home village of Ban Pang Turm. I have taken over the position as the local medicine man from my father. We welcome you to learn about sustainable agriculture, meditation, medicinal plants, forest survival, Lanna cooking and much more with us!


There is a lot to appreciate in this Happy Healing Home, but it depends what you're looking for. We were a couple (28 and 35) exploring farms of Northern Thailand for friends and possible partners as ingredient sources to my girlfriend's all-natural skin care line. So before I include any complaints, we knew our goals would not have been fulfilled here, even if the energy had been any bit fun at all. They are not a commercial farm or trying to be in any way. We paid 400 baht per night. We arrived to Happy Home welcomed by water buffalo and a picture perfect landscape of Lanna lifestyle. The bus lands at 2:30pm everyday, which happens to be during their break hours and the place is pretty quiet. We eventually found Jim's place up a path and the group was sitting quietly drinking tea. Jim silently gestured as if we were free to roam and explore his land, while everyone else just gazed on. We nodded gratefully with our 40 lbs packs and walked off wondering that was a special mushroom tea they were drinking?) Eventually a young man named Val came over and showed us their rule book and asked in which shack we were staying. He realized we were still wondering that too, and pointed to the one they had just 'replaced the floor on yesterday' :) We were grateful and still quiet excited to dig into the land here. Break time ended and Val - who turned out to the longest term resident of two months - rallied the weekly newbies to go cut buffalo grass. It didn't take long to figure out people's impression of the place when two of the girls were leaving after two days, when scheduled for two weeks. Dinner came around and was excellent. I am certain we can attribute that towards the new-arrival Indian family of 4 who's mother is an amazing cook, as well as all around person! Once seated Jim muttered an unintelligible prayer, and most everyone eats silently. I had not yet read the rule book thoroughly, so continued to ask questions and try to engage with folks. Jim would point to Val for responses as if his disciple. After dinner we helped wash the dishes and went to bed. The next day I really tried my best to connect with Jim and the community residents, but failed to feel anyone clearly. So we left the next morning feeling our work there would be useless or given no value. This came from Jim's attitude and the littered graveyards of falling or torn down bamboo shacks. We were the first to sleep on our new bamboo floor just put in. I don't know if they just replaced the flooring or also the frame, but the joists had such wide gaps someone will definitely fall through it within a few months. Every other new shack had something undone or falling apart despite none being older than a few months. If this Happy Healing Home just got started a year ago I would have been thrilled to stick around and help with upgrades. But with 11 years there, everything is constructed so poorly, it honestly just felt depressing next to all the other broken shacks and bathrooms. That day we built a fence as loosely directed to prevent the buffalo from entering the shower. We then went for a hike to gather some new bamboo and basically escape the awkward vibes all around. As I read over their long history of reviews online here, I suspect there was a time when the resident community was more lively; and that alongside with their terrible construction skills, there was a fun and creative vibe to explore the land and one's self and skills more happily. However, we found no inspiration or vision, with terrible leadership, poor instruction, and lacking tools. I'm sure Jim and Tea have touched many peoples lives and we wish we had arrived when that might have been available to us. We wish them the best of luck in their endeavors.

03 May 2017

I came to Happy Healing Home for my first rural farm experience and to see a little bit of Pinan Jim's herbal medicine expertise. A beautiful welcoming place full of life and laughter, I hope to return someday for a longer stretch!

27 May 2016

My stay at Happy Healing Home was a very good experience. It was the first time I volunteered on a farm and also my first trip to Thailand (except some weekends in Bangkok many years ago). I felt very welcome and enjoyed participating in a real Lanna family’s daily life and work. Jim and Tea share their life with volunteers for 11 years now without any days off. I got to know both of them as wonderful, caring people who are really dedicated to their work, their Buddhist philosophy and their idea of Happy Healing Home. During my stay, we were around 10-14 volunteers from all around the globe, accommodated in bamboo huts either individually or in two, depending on the booking situation. (The dorm mentioned in the description on your website does not exist anymore.) We could chose by ourselves which kind of work we wanted to do, every help was appreciated. On my first day, I collected plastic waste, bottles and other non-organic garbage on the terrain, and to their very surprise it turned out to be a big bag full of it. I hope Jim and Tea will be able to keep up an awareness among the volunteers to keep the area around the huts clean and tidy. Other work to do was feeding the animals, construction work with mud, wood or bamboo (renovating or repairing the huts, building furniture), collecting firewood and chopping it, and any kind of kitchen and housekeeping work around the three ample meals per day. Cooking took a lot of time every day and everybody was asked to help with preparations and cleaning up. The food was so delicious, and the variety of dishes for every meal was stupendous! I had never expected to learn so many original Lanna recipes over there! Everybody was really happy with it, and those who had volunteered on other farms before said it was far from what they had experienced elsewhere.

11 Mar 2016

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$ 11.79 p.p.p.n.