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Forest walk with daniel

Moshi, Tanzania

The Experience Reviews (1)
  • Natural hike Moshi
  • 1-day Tanzania trekking
  • Nature hike Moshi
  • Ancient forest walk Moshi
  • 1 day jungle walk Tanzania
  • 1-day Nature walk Moshi
  • Drinking a refreshing coconut during the hike
  • taste traditional local Tanzanian food


Duration: 1 day

Meeting Point: Moshi

Number of people: 1 - 6



  • Discover one of the most stunning Catchment forests
  • Watch black and white Colobus monkeys up close
  • Walk through the green rice paddy fields
  • Plant your own tree
  • Taste our delicious traditional food at local Mama's
  • Duration: 1 day



During this one day hike you will explore a lush green African forest reserve where you will be exposed to an abundance of nature covered by unique tree species.

You will have a chance of spotting blue monkeys and black-and-white Colobus monkeys and a number of forest bird species and butterflies. There are a couple of very old trees spanning up to 200 years. Among them is the sacred tree Mvule (Milicia excelsa) that is believed to be 196 years old.

Once coming out of the forest you can enjoy stunning views of rice plantations dotted with water birds of different colors. We will stop for a refreshing coconut-drink offered by one of our local farmers. If the weather permits, you will have a chance to see Mt. Kilimanjaro.

We will enjoy a traditional homemade lunch prepared by our local women. In Tanzania, we often eat beans, ugali, rice, chapatti, vegetable stews, and more. After our lunch break, we invite you to enrich your forest nature walk by planting your own tree. By collecting seeds and planting a seedling in our tree nursery you contribute to our purpose of protecting and conserving the wonderful Rau Forest. And back home you will know that "your tree" is growing and helping us fight climate change.

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  • Nature walk
  • Local guide
  • Lunch 
  • Guiding Conservation 
  • Village development fee 

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  • Tip 
  • Other personal expenses/item

Meet Daniel

Member since: May 2020

We have started a social enterprise a collective of changemakers, founded by Linus, Hamis, and me, Daniel. We're close to the Rau forest and about 3 km from Moshi town. With us, visitors have a chance to enjoy nature while walking or meditating in the forest. Our goal is to help to conserve the forest and be a role model for other eco-cultural tourism programs and young entrepreneurs. Anyone who travels to Arusha or Moshi for Safari or Kilimanjaro trekking can come and join us to make a change... and meditate!

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$ 72.00 p.p.