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A taste of tanzania

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

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  • Photo by Daria Shevtsova
  • Cooking class dar es Salaam
  • Learn to cook swahili food


Duration: 2 hours

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 1 - 6



  • Learn all ins and outs of Tanzanian cooking during this cooking class
  • Get insights in various ingredients and spices used
  • Pick the dish you would like to prepare
  • Learn about cultural eating habits
  • Take home wooden spoon and recipe book
  • Duration: 1.5 hours



Watch and participate in the making of a few traditional style Tanzanian dishes, while learning about the food and culture in the country. You will get a chance to select a local dish to prepare and will enjoy your sampling at Karakana.

Meet your hosts for the cooking class and get an introduction to the meal you will be preparing. Your hosts will share the significance of the meal in Tanzanian culture. You will then get an overview of the different ingredients and techniques used in making the meal. Cooking and preparation begins and then a taste testing of the meal prepared with your hosts will be given. A handcrafted spoon and recipe will be given at the end of the experience.

The cooking class is offered during day time from 7AM to 5PM daily.

Visiting Time: Experience runs 1.5 hours, but you are welcome to relax at Karakana for up to 5 hours.

Each experience goes to support connection building experiences for both youth and people affected by stigma in Tanzania.

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Cooking class

Swahili or Continental meal </li> 

Wooden spoon (take home) 

Recipe book (take home)

Unlimited snacks and drinks: East African coffee/tea and water, soda, juice 

Free Wifi, printing and locked area for luggage

Not Inclusive of

Meet Salim

Member since: October 2018

Hi, my name is Salim Ali. I started my company to bring you closer to life in Tanzania, through stopover experiences that take you out of the hotel and into the country. I take you closer to the place we call home, without compromising luxury and by supporting an amazing network of community partners. We have developed specific collaborations with local artisans, tailors and cultural curators to work with us in facilitating the experience.

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Incl. service fee

$ 48.00 p.p.