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Do as the locals do and explore wirawila by bicycle

Wirawila, Sri-lanka

The Activity


  • Cycle around the beautiful area of the Wirawila lake
  • Pass local villages
  • Stop and have tea with the locals
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Drink a refreshing king coconut


Explore Wirawila and its beautiful environment by bicycle. Cycle along paths that run through shrub jungles, paddy fields and pass local homes and fields. Ask your guide to take you off the beaten track and show you Wirawila the local way! Combine this activity with a stay in a tree house or a mud chalet under the I Like Local homestay section.
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Hi, my name is Charitha. This place is a dream, a concept, a connection and a business venture all rolled into one. A place in the South of Sri Lanka built for responsible travelers to experience the true Sri Lankan life. It’s a return to basics and a lesson on how to enjoy simple pleasures, healthy food and sustain a lifestyle that retains a message of giving back to the community, our planet and ourselves. I am continuing to explore new ways to contribute to the Triple Bottom Line - learning better ways to create a positive change, give you an authentic experience, and ensure that we retain the “essence” of Sri Lanka and what it means to live in this beautiful country.


This month January we went with a local guide on a bike to tour around the Weerawila Lake. Wonderful natural Paradise, biking between the buffalo's was an exciting moment, very nice and talkative guide who stopped to enable us to make pictures from wonderful birds or just enjoy the surroundings. He told us nice stories and things about the local life that we did not know. Very learnsome and a reason to come back for a follow up.Good cup of tea, very clean washroom. Thanks very much.

27 Jan 2016

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