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Food, tea tasting and culture tour in colombo

Colombo, Sri-lanka

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  • tea-tasting-and-culture-tour-in-colombo
  • tea-tasting-and-culture-tour-in-colombo
  • tea-tasting-and-culture-tour-in-colombo
  • tea-tasting-and-culture-tour-in-colombo
  • tea-tasting-and-culture-tour-in-colombo
  • tea-tasting-and-culture-tour-in-colombo


Duration: 5 hours

Meeting Point: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Number of people: 1 - 20



  • Sri Lanka food tour based on spices and tea
  • Visit the local market and taste a variety of fruit
  • Experience the vegetable market and try out the spices at restaurants.
  • Enjoy Sri Lankan curry lunch
  • Learn about tea through taste, smell and local expertise.



Sri Lanka food tour like no other: eat like a local as you enjoy the tastiest delicacies in Colombo. Discover history, culture, religion and local tradition through a driving and walking tour. Along the way you will learn about my personal experience of local culture and gain first-hand knowledge of Colombo's spices and tea. Come join me for a flavoursome food and drink adventure!

I have a huge love of food and spent many years in the food industry in sales and management. I am born and bred in Sri Lanka, so of course I can share with you local cultural advice and information about the ingredients we will discover together.

Wonderful smells and tastes await you as we talk to the locals at the marketplace and restaurants. Sample savoury flavours of Sri Lankan spices, test your knowledge of Sri Lankan ingredients and find out what level of heat you enjoy most. We will also taste the famous Ceylon Tea and gain understanding of Sri Lankan fruits as well.

Itinerary for the tour:

We will meet for breakfast in which you will taste the Sri Lankan hopper. Made out of rice flour, this traditional local dish is naturally gluten free!

Next we will visit the Independence Square and we will discuss matters of culture and history Then we will visit a Buddhist temple and you will deepen your understanding of this central aspect of Sri Lankan culture. Next we will start the food discovery! We will make several fun stops at markets and local restaurants. After that it will be lunch time, where you will have a great experience as we tuck into Sri Lankan chicken curry with rice.

To round off the day, we will have a cup of tea at a local shop and discover the secrets behind Sri Lanka's famous tea varieties.

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Meet Dulshan Hemasinghe

Member since: March 2020

I have spent my career in the food industry, starting as a junior sales executive and ended up as a food service manager. I connected with other local chefs and my passion for food grew. Then I came across food tours around 2017 and that's the best thing that has happened to me. Since then I been sharing my knowledge and passion for food with visitors from nearby and far away. It brings out the best of my personality and I can't wait to share my love of Sri Lankan cuisine with you!

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