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Witness how locals live in cemeteries

Manila, Philippines

  • North Cemetery Manila
  • Local community  in North Cemetery Manila
  • Cemetery tour Manila
  • Children living in North Cemetery Manila

  • North Cemetery Manila
  • Local community  in North Cemetery Manila
  • Cemetery tour Manila
  • Children living in North Cemetery Manila

The Activity


  • Learn about the biggest flower market of Manlia (Dangwa) and why many Filipinos work overseas
  • Visit Jewish Cemetery and learn the history of the Holocaust
  • Understand rituals of Filipinos and what they do on All Saints Day
  • Get to know why locals decide to live in cemeteries
  • Take local public transportations like jeepney and tricycle
  • Duration: 2.5-3 hours (start at 9:00am or 2:00pm)
  • Maximum number of people is 6


Why people choose to live among the dead – in cemeteries? In fact, cemeteries unmask mysterious stories from the ‘invisible’ residents in the country. They are the vulnerable and the marginalized community that do not get the attention from the government and the public.

Through having an excursion to cemeteries, you will discover that cemeteries have turned into an organized form of community that provides locals with chances to work and survive. You will have the chance to chat with residents who were born and bred in the Manila North Cemetery and get to know about their lives beyond the grave.

We have a no camera policy as we try not to be intrusive to the locals and avoid causing discomfort to them. But photo taking is allowed in other stops.

The profit of the walk is used to help the poor living in the slum areas.

Price includes:

  • Public transportation

Price excludes:

  • Toilets (5P)
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Hello, we are a group of like-minded people who want to tell travelers stories about the daily life of Filipinos. We are registered as an NGO in the Philippines. We would like to share our knowledge, skills and experiences to you and we promise you that you will have an eye-opening experience and thought-provoking journey after joining our tours!


The experience was very good, Marjorie provided a fascinating tour of the cemetery and answered all my questions very well. It was eye opening to see how people live there, and how much poverty there is so close to where i live a (very different) life of my own.

14 Jun 2019

This was an amazing experience. I got to have a number of interesting conversations and interactions with individuals, which was noticeably different from many encounters I have had in the Philippines where I am stuck within tourism. I highly recommend this tour.

24 Apr 2019

This was a fascinating and informative tour. Marjorie was an excellent guide who was respectful and familiar with some of the residents, making for an even better experience.

05 Jul 2018

It was a great tour! Very interesting and also respectfully conducted by Marjorie. I'd highly recommend it to those interested in seeing a unique perspective on life in Manila.

04 Jul 2018

The experience was really cool, since Marjorie brought us to insights of the Cementery and met some of the people there. Transportation, security, and timing was perfect and very serious. It is that we are running out of time otherwise we would have done the Slum tour as well. Congratulations!!

04 Oct 2017

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