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Experience a manila slum in a different way

Manila, Philippines

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  • Gain insights and discover resilience in Slum Tour
  • slum tour in Manila
  • Local children playing in the slum, Manila
  • How people are living in a Manila slum


Duration: 3 hours

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 1 - 6



  • Observe how scavengers earn a living in recycling areas
  • Walk through residential areas and have a house visit
  • Know about the significance of the river, Estero de Vitas, to the community
  • Ride on jeepney, tricycles and pedicabs
  • Duration: 3 – 3.5 hours (starts at 9:00am every day)
  • Maximum number of people is 6



Have you ever been to slums? Slums are totally another world that appears to be a stark contrast to our own lives. You will have the chance to see how scavengers strive for a living through recycling goods and making food from leftovers found in garbage bins.

You will also wander down the alleys and observe how residents live in tiny spaces with poor sanitation and limited access to electricity and water. Do not feel surprised - the residents living in slums consider leftovers are luxurious things! But you will discover that however tough their lives are, they always wear a smile on their faces and see the positive sides.

We have a strict NO CAMERA policy in this tour because we try not to be intrusive and reduce discomfort that may bring to the locals.

The areas are muddy, so you are advised to wear covered shoes. We will provide you with rain boots and face masks.

The profit of the walk is used to help the poor living in the slum areas.

Price includes:

  • Public transportation

Price excludes:

  • Toilets (5-10P)
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