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Two nights at the enchanted farm village community

Manila, Philippines

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I was looking for opportunity of home stay as well as meeting social entrepreneurs in the Philippines, this tour just suited my interest. I could enjoy home stay at local family (which was kindly arranged based on my personal request) and exploring the enchanted farm which is Gawad Kalinga (well known NGO)’s platform to raise social entrepreneurs, help local farmers and create wealth in the countryside. People there were so nice and energetic. I truly enjoyed/was inspired a lot!

03 Oct 2016

If you visit the farm I know for sure you will be inspired. It is a creative hub where entrepreneurs, local and foreign, create solutions for the local communities in the Philippines, but maybe it is better to say helping the world. Founder Antonio Meloto, who is a big entrepreneur himself, knows like no other that the future starts with the younger generation. A very inspiring person who you will probably meet. You can stay as long as you want at the farm and blend in with the local community and the entrepreneurs, or you can volunteer at a local school. During my stay I also visited the Silver Heights community that contains of 75 families who lost their homes after a fire. In 3 years they have re-built their community. It is a wonderful experience to meet these lovely people. My stay at the farm was wonderful and I wish I could have stayed longer.

12 Jan 2016