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Stay at ilam organic tea farm

Aarubote village (eastern region), Nepal

The Activity


  • Gain hands-on experience on our small scale family run Nepali tea farm
  • Help with and learn the whole tea farming process
  • Experience authentic rural Nepalese way of living

Welcome at Ilam Organic Tea farm! As our guest you can get involved in the regular farm activities. You will gain hands-on experience helping the tea farmers and local communities to cultivate and harvest organic tea through sustainable farming methods. Tasks and projects vary depending on the season and current needs. Farm maintenance chores include soil preparation, weed control, cultivating seedlings, working on the tea plantations, pruning, harvesting, processing and packaging. You are also most welcome to lend a hand in our vegetable plots and kitchen. We do not have any fixed working days and hours.


You stay at my home with my family. Nepali people are extremely hospitable and you will be well looked after. Our home is typically Nepali and therefore basic by Western standards. There is mostly a regular electricity supply. We have two rooms, which we offer. You will have your own simple room with basic things. Typical Nepali meals will be served at least three times a day and include simple, but nourishing rice, vegetable curry, dal (lentil soup), chutney, milk and sometimes local fruits. The food is mostly organic and we can prepare vegetarian options as well.

Price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Three meals a day

Price excludes:

  • Drinks
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Meet Dipak

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My name is Dipak and I am 35 years old. I live together with my parents, my wife and my son in Phikkal in the Ilam Districit where the best Nepali tea comes from. The Tea farm is a small-scale family run farm. Beside this, we also have some agricultural plots where we grow varieties of vegetables and some cereals too. We also have few livestock. While staying with us you will experience authentic rural Nepalese way of living, our culture and tradition, language, every aspect of tea gardening, ecological farming practices and methods.


I stayed few days at Dipak & kaussila organic tea farm and it was one of the most interesting and peaceful place I stayed during my 2months trip... Smiley and happy, Dipak shares his knowlages in passion and love. Kaussila often sings during she is cooking a delicious organic food dinner... Just a perfect stay ! Thank you so much for your happiness and your good vibes. Sophie

26 Feb 2018

This farm was very nice and Deepak and the people were very lovely and interested. Thanks a lot!

11 May 2017

We are a young French couple traveling around the globe to discover the world of tea. We have spent couple of days with Deepak's family, plucking tea and producing blakc and green tea. It was an amazing experience as we learnt so much. Deepak and his family are adorable guests and they will make you feel at home in less than 5 mins. Highly recommended. For more details check out : http://www.teatravelers.fr/en/project/ilam-eng/

13 Apr 2017

Getting to Deepak's farm was an adventure in itself! I flew from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur (180USD each way) then took a cab to Phikkal (2000Rs) then walked 40 min to the farm in Aarubote. There is also the possibility of taking a 20h bus from Kathmandu, which is much cheaper. Once I got to the farm, I knew it was all worth it. The tea plantation is gorgeous! Deepak thought me about tea farming, picking, processing, etc. His wife taught me how to cook momos. The whole family is very welcoming and speaks excellent english. It is an excellent place to relax, meditate, recharge, etc. I wish I could have stayed much longer!

01 Sep 2016

I had a nice stay in Ilam Organic, Deepak's farm in Aarubote village. All family members were very welcoming and friendly. The cozy and clean room, good food. Really enjoyed tea picking. Farmer generously shared information about tea producing, also organized and lead visits to tea factories and local temple. This stay let me experienced local Nepalie's life in the village and I have gained knowledge about tea producing. Thank you so much Deepak! It was real pleasure to meet you and your family! Definitely recommend this place!

23 May 2016

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$ 13.27 p.p.p.n.

2 days

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$ 13.27 p.p.p.n.