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Farmstay in lamjung

Lamjung (western region), Nepal

The Experience Reviews (1)
  • Homestay in Lamjung Nepal
  • Hiking though the surroundings of the farm in Nepal
  • View from the homestay in Nepal
  • Preparing the meal
  • Helping on the land in Nepal
  • Relaxing with a view on the Nepalese mountains
  • Homestay in Lamjung


Duration: 2 days

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 1 - 5



  • Experience traditional Nepalese farm life
  • Get involved in local farming and building authentic mud or earthen houses
  • Enjoy traditional homemade food
  • Go hiking or spend a night in the jungle

My home is located in northwestern Nepal. It offers the chance to experience traditional Nepalese life in a remote village up away from the tourist trail. We will provide you with comfortable accommodation with hot water and free wifi. Our home cooked Nepalese meals are prepared from scratch made with organic produce from the local farmers.


During your stay with us, you can get involved in farming and building authentic mud or earthen houses for our village. We aim to give you a good knowledge of Nepali culture during your time with us so we also offer language lessons which will help to give you the full Nepali experience!

You will also be able to go hiking, participate in Nepalese cultural programs and even spend a night in the jungle! We recently started an orchid garden by growing wild orchids in the surrounding area so you will be able to visit this too. We hope you will become as enthusiastic about farming and building natural structures as we are.

10% of all our costs will be donated to the people of the village to help with education, medicals and food for those in need.

How to get there:

From Kathmandu to Besisashar

The quickest and easiest way is by microbus from the small Gongabu bus station (next to the New Bus Station). There are both local micro and tourist buses running from Kathmandu to Besisashar daily. Please try to take the earlier microbus, around 7.30 AM, in order to reach Besisashar at 4 PM to take jeep up the mountain to Gaunshahar. The journey will take about 6 hours and will stop once for local food and a toilet break on the way. This bus should cost around 500 NPR (5 dollars).

From Pokhara to Besisashar

You can take either a tourist bus or a direct micro bus to Besisahar. There are several buses to choose from and the bus ride takes between 4 to 5 hours. Please try to 9 AM bus in order to reach Besisashar at 4 to take jeep up the mountain to Gaunshahar This bus should cost around 400 NPR (4 dollars).

Besisashar to Gaunshahar

You can either take a jeep or walk up the mountain to our village. Walking up to Gaunshahar is quite steepy so recommmend to take jeep. A jeep leaves at 4 PM from in front of the Hotel Tukuche, every day of the week . But if you want to come on Saturday there is no jeep so you need to reserve the jeep and it costs is 2500 NPRS. The jeep will costs 300 NPR, but if you sit or stand in the back of the jeep, it costs only 200 NPR.

If you miss the jeep or prefer to walk, there is a trail up the mountain to Gaunshahar (When you arrive in Gaunshahar, just ask SHAMSER HOUSE) anyone will show the house. There will be many people along your route and all will be happy to point you in the right direction. The hike is steep and will take about 2 hours to cover the 4 km uphill to the village. You can also take the road which is a more gentle ascent but is 7 km long. If you plan in advance, we can arrange a porter to assist you with your bags for 1000 NPR. Or if you want a jeep after 4 Pm or other time, you can reserve a jeep it costs 2500 NPR. I can help you with that.

Price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Three meals a day
  • Free Wi-Fi

Price excludes:

  • Drinks
More information

Meet Shamser

Member since: April 2014

My name is Shamser and I am 31 years old . I was born in Gaunshahar a beautiful place and village. I live with my wife Kalpana and my son Pujan Thapa. I finished my graduation in Kathmandu and afterwards have worked 7 years in Nagarkot and Bhaktapur in a hotel. I also have lived a short period in Europe, but I missed my beautiful country and village so I came back to do something for it. Ana and I are now doing lots of social work. I have my own hotel and 10% of my hotel income I donate to the poor children.

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2 days

Incl. service fee

$ 11.00 p.p.p.n.