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Experience the moroccan desert with ilias

Gorges dades, Morocco

  • Photo credit website nomad
  • Photo credit website nomad
  • Photo credit Website Nomad
  • desert trekking morocco
  • Photo credit WEBSITE NOMAD

  • Photo credit website nomad
  • Photo credit website nomad
  • Photo credit Website Nomad
  • desert trekking morocco
  • Photo credit WEBSITE NOMAD

The Activity


  • Be blown away by the majestic dunes, and the brightness of the stars of the Sahara desert
  • Sleep under the stars while exchanging stories
  • Learn about the life of a nomad
  • Enjoy traditional Moroccan meals under the stars
  • Duration: From 2 days/1 night>


I’ve been trekking in the Sahara Desert since 2011 and it still surprises me every time I am there. Every year I see people open up as the trekking goes along and everyone leaves as a slightly different person.

We'll be singing at night, telling stories under the full moon, walking in the dunes and connecting with other interesting people from around the world. Look up at the millions of stars stretching into infinity.

We will use camels to go from one place to another and we will sleep in traditional Berber nomad tents. I will cook you some traditional Moroccan meals and we will make music at night.

People often worry that they’re too old/young/inexperienced (you are not). You’ll be blown away by the majestic dunes, the brightness of the stars in the desert and the magic of the Sahara.

We will start in from Dades Valley (Tamlalte) to the Merzouga desert. The camel trip to the desert from the village takes about 2-3 hours.

You can choose from 1 -4 nights in the desert.

Price includes:

  • Local English speaking guide
  • Desert trekking
  • Accommodation in a berber tent
  • All meals
  • Drinks

Price excludes:

  • Transportation to and from Gorges Dades (I can arrange this for you)
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Meet Ilias

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Hello, my name is Ilias. I am a nomad, I am an adventurer, I am a Berber man. I breathe, live and hike in the wilderness. Come on and join me to the wild! I live in the central part of Morocco, 300 km east from Marrakesh. I have been having trekking tours from 2011, altogether over 200 visitors, from 1 person to big groups. I am your true companion and friend when we trek to the beautiful nature of Morocco. With me, you can see the real Morocco and the traditional Berber lifestyle. You are being a part of our family, living just like we do. Just come here, and I will take care of everything.


I never made a "guided tour" before as I thought it was not an authentic way to discover a country. I was wrong! I will definitely do it again. We went to the desert, Illias's village (a little piece of paradise on earth) and in the mountains (great experience!). For four days I felt out of time, I saw wonderful places and I had a great human experience. Illias likes his job and he's good at it. He has many things to say about Berber culture/stories, nature and he share it with passion if you're interested in. It's difficult to describe how amazing this trip was with just words, the easiest way is to put on your shoes and go walk with Illias!

15 Apr 2019

I got Ilias contact from Italy from a person that knows him very well. She suggested me to spend some days with him and so I did. Two days and a half with him through Merzouga and Dades valley. It was fantastic! He is very helpful and kind. Before and during our stay he gave us lots of information and suggestions also how to continue our trip around Morocco. We went first day in the desert with camel and we spent a night there looking at the stars, second and third day we visited Todra and Dades Gorges hiking all day and we slept in his beautiful guest house. We had lots of fun. Thanks Ilias for all!!! Everything was perfect!

19 Mar 2019

We combined the desert experience with the Atlas Mountain trekking with Ilias and it was definitely the highlight of our Morocco trip! We had 4 amazing days including hiking through the gorge, swimming in the valley, camping in a cave, cooking traditional food, and riding camels in the desert. It was a lot of fun and we were able to get a great insight into Berber culture and see another side of Morocco far from anything touristy.

15 Oct 2018

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