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Walking tour with former street kids

Nairobi, Kenya

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Duration: 3 hours

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 1 - 13



  • Experience the real Nairobi with city's best storytellers, youth brought up on the streets
  • Hear stories you would otherwise not have heard
  • Get a peak into a completely different life
  • Share stories and exchange ideas
  • Duration: 3 hours

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We are Cheddaz, Donga and Kissmart and we come from Mathare slum. We grew up in the streets of downtown Nairobi and we would love to take you on a journey with us. This is not a standard tour and we will tell you how we used to survive on the streets: how and where we slept, how our days used to look like, our hardest challenges and the different forces we needed to cope with. You will get insight into a life in this neighborhood you would otherwise probably not hear.

All our stories are different and the reasons why we were forced to live on the streets vary. We found each other through music and it changed our lives tremendously. Nowadays we volunteer and try to inspire other street kids with our stories.

Price included:

  • 3 local private tour guides
  • Snack & water
More information

Meet Cheddaz, Kissmart & Donga

Member since: September 2017

We are Cheddaz, Donga and Kissmart and we come from Mathare slum. We used to be streetkids. In order to change the lives of streetkids we started this tour project to raise awareness, give people insight in this life and earn some money to help these kids get out of the streets.

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$ 37.77 p.p.