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Virtual stroll through a misunderstood neighborhood

Johannesburg, Kenya

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  • Virtual Tour Hillbrow Johannesburg


Duration: 1 hour

Meeting Point: Virtual

Number of people: 1 - 10



  • Join on a 360 virtual tour through Jo'burgs most notorious neighborhoods and see it form a different angle
  • Here a different story right from the streets
  • With this virtual tour you support local youth
  • Duration: 1hour



While we are unable to actually hit the streets we will take you on a voyage of discovery through Johannesburg without leaving your lounge. Our brand new 360-degree virtual reality tour looks, sounds, and feels like the real thing.

You will get the opportunity to explore the inner-city of Johannesburg, Hillbrow and Berea, and discover more about one of the city's most notorious and misunderstood districts. From the magnitude of Hillbrow Tower and the raciness of Pretoria street to the stupendous views of the infamous Ponte. We will take you through a journey, helping better understand the history and context of our corner in Johannesburg.

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  • virtual guided tour

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Meet the team

Member since: August 2020

We aim to challenge perceptions and to create opportunities. We do this by running inner-city immersions and experiences in some of our city’s most misunderstood areas. These immersions and walks have allowed us to build and run a community center aimed at providing a safe learning environment for children and youth. We would love to take you on a walk and open your eyes.

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$ 18.00 p.p.