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Village walk and dinner with a view

Fumbini (near kilifi), Kenya

The Experience Reviews (1)
  • Saidi explaining
  • Local children
  • Traditional cooking
  • Mashing the leaves
  • Village children
  • Drying maize
  • Home of Saidi
  • The village walk
  • Enjoying the view at Rammadani's house
  • Sunset view


Duration: 3 hours

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 1 - 6



  • Experience local village life at Kenya’s coast
  • Learn about the use of different trees and plants for traditional medicine
  • Get a peek into the daily life of a Kenyan family
  • Enjoy an amazing sunset with fabulous view
  • Taste a traditional home-cooked meal
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Maximum number of people is 6

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We will take you on a short walk through our neighborhood and end with a beautiful sunset view and dinner. We live in the small village called Fumbini. It is a small countryside town spread among palm trees and hills. The different houses are scattered and it’s a beautiful and peaceful area.

Our father used to be a traditional medicine man and taught us a lot about the different plants and herbs that grow around our village. As we walk we will show you the different plants and their use. Besides the use of nature we will also visit a couple of local houses, which will give you a peek into our village lifestyle.

We will end the walk with an amazing sunset view at our home at the top of the hill overlooking the Kilifi creek and enjoy a traditional home-cooked dinner.

The walk and dinner is from 4 pm to around 7pm.

Price includes:

  • Dinner and walk
More information

Meet Juma, Saidi and Rammadani

Member since: October 2015

Jambo! We are three brothers and we live with our wives and children in the little village of Fumbini near Kilifi. Rammadani is a gardener, Saidi a cook and Juma a mechanic by profession. Our father had 9 wives so we are one large family. We would love to give you a peek into our daily lives and share our cultures.

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