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Kibera slum tour that opens your mind

Nairobi, Kenya

  • Bone Bead Handicraft Kibera
  • HIV Women Empowerment Kibera
  • Railway in Kibera Kenya
  • Bone Craft Workshop Kibera
  • Jewelry making Kibera

  • Bone Bead Handicraft Kibera
  • HIV Women Empowerment Kibera
  • Railway in Kibera Kenya
  • Bone Craft Workshop Kibera
  • Jewelry making Kibera

The Activity


  • Meet the wonderful people of Kibera, Africa’s largest slum
  • Get insight into their daily lives
  • Visit local initiatives and meet the wonderful children of the community school
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Private tour

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This tour will give you insight and understanding of the daily lives of many local people in Nairobi. We will visit the Kibera Slum, the largest slum of Africa that is a village on itself. As a social worker I am actively involved in the life of the people here and many of time are happy to receive you and show you their day-to-day lives.

Many people started their own little businesses, from jewelry making to art shops. We will start our walk to visit some of these impressive local businesses. We continue our tour to the HIV & AIDS empowerment project where you can get insight into the lives of these women and what they make out of it.

After this we will meet local children in the local school we support. Many enthusiastic and curious children will warmly welcome you.

While continuing our walk I will tell more about life in the slum and how everything is organized. We will end our tour at the Kibera viewpoint that gives you a good overview of the Kibera slum and its extensiveness.

If you wish we can go for lunch or snack to the Prestige mall. Nevertheless this is not included in the price.

If you are interested in volunteering projects, let me know. This is something we offer too.

Price includes:

  • Local guide
  • Tour
More information

Meet Raphael

Ask a question

Hi, my name is Raphael. I started this project to open up Kibera to the world and to bring the world closer to Kibera. The project will bring new development to the people of Kibera, especially to the children of Kibera who need educational support so that we can enlarge their chances of a brighter future


Samuel gave a thoughtful tour of his home turf in Kibera, offering interesting facts and details about what life is like in the biggest urban slum in Africa. He was unassuming and very generous with his time. I felt very safe (as a solo female traveler this was important for me), and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my trip to Nairobi. I was touched by the enterprising spirit of the people I met, and stepping into a very different culture shaped by bigger economic and political forces is an experience that has impacted me deeply. Thank you so much.

22 May 2018

It was such an impressive experience. Sammy, Raphael's son has taken us on the walk and we learned a lot. At the end we had a coke with Sammy, Raphael, and his daughter and talked more about Kibera. It has made a deep impression on us and what a work still needs to be done in these neighborhoods. Thanks and definitely until next time!

23 Feb 2018

The tour with Raphael was very impressive! A very interesting man with an interesting life. He has told and showed us a lot. He was also very curious about our lives and even asked " are all your houses really made of bricks"? Kibera itself was a completely different world, but besides the sad and ugly part he also has shown us its beauty. We have never felt unsafe for one moment. I can really recommend him and a must do when you are in Nairobi! Thanks.

06 Jun 2017

We came to Nairobi interested in Kibera Slum to see a different side of the city. This tour was a great insight not only into the inaccuracy of western stereotypes of the area but also into the fantastic initiatives taking place in Kenya. Diddy was a fantastic guide and knowledgeable about Kibera because of his own personal experience with it. Ask him about the goat story!

08 Jan 2017

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