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Experience kibera slum from the inside

Nairobi, Kenya

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We walked with Christine and Nick for 3 hours and saw many different faces of Kibera thanks to both of our guides’ personal insights. We visited several private homes, workshops and community projects. It was all very rewarding to experience and the entrepreneurial spirit of this place is amazing. Thanks to our guides and I Like Local!

24 Jul 2019

The best tour ever have done in Africa. Highly advise to go. You can really feel like a local, with the tour guide.

23 Mar 2019

It was a very interesting experience! The guides were super nice and even took us to their home. They are very warm people, they smile a lot and they gladly answered all of our questions.

01 Feb 2019

I am a Kenya resident since 6 months and did this tour with my daughter who was visiting. We really enjoyed the tour with Lemmy. He is a very friendly guy, who tells a lot, knows the area and you can feel he is a well respected guy in Kibera slum. I surely think this is a must do activity and it gives you a good impression how and what Kibera is. It's a very organized neighborhood ,with very friendly people and lots of activities going on. I am glad ,I have been there and I will definitely go back. Thank you Lemmy for being a perfect guide.

31 Oct 2018

Kibera tour was amazing! Good to see that despite slums this is place where people work, live, love and are happy! Best, Ania

25 Oct 2018

The walk was absolutely brilliant, we all really enjoyed it! Thanks so much Lemmy!

24 Oct 2018

The walk with Lemmy was an amazing experience! I learned a great deal. He was humble and passionate. It could not have been a better experience

21 Aug 2018

Had a great last minute tour with Lemmy that was arranged immediately! Thank you!

25 Jul 2018

For ourselves and our 3 daughters, 10,12 and 14 it was a lifetime experience. The tour was with humor with Lemmy the guide and with respect to the people in the slums. We felt so safe! We recommend it to anyone, do it in your first day in Nairobi...

23 Jul 2018

We loved Lemmy's walk. He is a great guy! My mom had difficulties walking and he was very caring. I definitely recommend this experience! Thanks so much.

30 Jan 2018

I would highly recommend this tour. It was easy to organise and the tour operator was very flexible in fitting around other plans we had in place. Lemmy, our guide was fantastic. The information he gave us was really informative and being a local his knowledge of Kibera was very strong. Thanks Lemmy and Sanne for a great day

09 Jan 2018

Very interesting experience, especially when visiting the city for just a couple of days. No problem in booking via internet and meeting Lenny at the agreed meeting place. The tour took just 1:30 from when we met until when we left Lenny, so a bit less than expected..

01 Jan 2018

We had a great walk with Lemmy! He did really well, explained a lot and a he is just a very nice and likeable guy. Planning to come with some more friends in the future! Thanks!

21 Nov 2017

One of the most impressive tours I´ve ever had! I got insights into the living conditions of the people living in kibera, could talk to the people and listen to their stories. And I have not felt unsafe at any time. My guide knew all the people and the best ways how to explore one of the biggest slums in Africa safely. It´s a tour for people who want to get in touch with the locals and get an insight into a world which you can normally only see in documentaries or news. Thanks a lot for this special kind of experience!

31 Oct 2017

It was such a wonderful experience! Lemmy is a great guy who is a good storyteller. I can recommend everyone to do this experience when in Nairobi. Will definitely book more often with you if I have visitors. Thanks!

25 Oct 2017

My husband and I had a great experience with Lemmy and we learned so much about Kibera. The tour was a highlight of our trip and is something that everyone should do who visits Nairobi.

11 Sep 2017

The Kibera Tour was really one of the highlights of my trip! Lemmy was the replacer of Diddy, it was a great experience to walk into the slums! Definitely the most friendliest slum in the world! He told a lot of interesting things and I enjoyed it lots! I can highly recommend him if you want to see the real local life of Nairobi. It was big time! :-)

06 Jul 2017

The tour was amazing! Very impressive to see Kibera from deep inside! Lemmy took us right into to heart of Kibera and showed us really how people live. It is a buzzling place full of live an activity! Lemmy knows his way around really well and explained us some of the very interesting initiatives taking place in the slum. Very recomendable!

04 Jul 2017

IT was an an amazing tour. Lemmy was a fantastic guide. Very kind, helpful, giving answer to all our questions. He knows the inside world of liberal, because he lived there as a child. He gave us an impression of two sides; the poverty and challenges but also the power of the people and the new initiatives that are created in this area. Thanks

08 Jun 2017

We came to Nairobi interested in Kibera Slum to see a different side of the city. This tour was a great insight not only into the inaccuracy of western stereotypes of the area but also into the fantastic initiatives taking place in Kenya. Diddy was a fantastic guide and knowledgeable about Kibera because of his own personal experience with it. Ask him about the goat story!

09 Jan 2017

The tour of Kibera is truly an amazing experience. If you do nothing else in Nairobi you should do this! It's an incredibly interesting and friendly place and Diddy is the perfect host/guide. You get to meet some enterprising and creative people, see a ton of adorable kids in school, and learn all about life in Kibera. And for those who are concerned, it's totally safe, in fact it felt safer than other parts of Nairobi.

12 Oct 2016

I did the slum tour walk with Diddy and a really great morning. Diddy is a great host good fun and his tour is very informative. You will get to see some real insider places and stories of Kibera. We went to visit an art studio (which hosts some internationally renowned artist), a workshop where jewelry and ornaments are produced out of animal bones and a local school. Most important, you will meet some great folks from the neighborhood. This was definitely one of my best experiences in East Africa

03 Oct 2016

With did the tour with Diddy with our daughter of 1,5 years and it was very impressive and an eye-opener. The slum is a village in itself and it is wonderful to see how people make the best out of it and have such an entrepreneurial mindset. Thanks Diddy!

29 Oct 2015

the Kibera tour with Diddy is very impressive! Seeing how the people are living and still being so friendly and positive in these circumstances makes you wonder about your yourself. Diddy is very nice, knowledgeable and friendly. He's simply a great guide!

17 Oct 2015