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Merapi village & trekking experience

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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  • Cook Indonesian meal


Duration: 1 day

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 1 - 6



  • Trek through the Sendang Waringin forest
  • Immerse in a small village on the Merapi slopes
  • Cather food and prepare a meal together
  • Share stories while enjoying a delicious home cooked Indonesian meal
  • Duration: 1 day



During this experience I will take you to the Merapi slopes where I will show you its stunning nature, but also connect you with the local people living I this area.

We will pick you up in Yogyakarta. After a drive of around 1.5 hours we will stop at a local village where the distance is the nearest from Merapi's peak (6 km). In this village, we can interact with the locals and learn their daily lives as well as have a taste of local snack there. Also, we can visit a school where you can interact with the children, share about yourself and teach English to them if you like. The children will surely be interested since this place is uncommon for tourism purposes.

We will continue and visit Sendang Waringin forest and hike for around 3 hours. If we are lucky we can see the footprints or even the animals that live there. What kind of animals live there? The guide will explain you about the ecosystem as well as the damage that the forest is facing right now. After that, we will visit a former village which has been buried under the ashes of Merapi’s eruption in 1930.

At last we will pick the produce for our lunch together with the locals and cook a meal together. The products can be obtained in the local farm or in the forest. However, we will not hunt any animal reside in this area.

After finishing our meal we will head back to Yogyakarta.

Meeting point: Yogyakarta

Starting time: 4.30 am or in discussion with you

Price includes:

  • Pickup from airport Yogyakarta
  • Fresh water
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Simple trekking tools
  • First Aid Kit

Price excludes:

  • Bottle for water
  • Accommodation
More information

Meet Basitha

Member since: March 2019

Hi, I am Basitha! I am a freelancer who joins a community that have attention to environment, family, and nature. My friends from the community and I decided to make this activity to increase the world awareness against nature and to make the locals near Merapi mount get more experience as well as learning English with the foreigners.

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Incl. service fee

$ 134.40 p.p.