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Bali herbal walk

Ubud, Indonesia

  • Beautiful flowers
  • Along the way during the herbal walk
  • Rice cultivation
  • Beautiful views
  • Beautiful flowers
  • Along the way during the herbal walk
  • Rice cultivation
  • Beautiful views

The Activity


  • Walk through the beautiful surrounding of Ubud
  • Learn all about the use of herbs and plants in traditional medicine
  • Enjoy a fresh coconut along the way
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Maximum number of people is 6


Hello, we are Westi and Lilir and we have a real passion for nature and traditional herbal medicine making. Both our parents were Balinese healers and farmers who have passed on their knowledge to us. Now we try to do the same to newer generations.

During this 3-hour walk we will teach as much as possible about herbal medicine making and the herbs and plants that grow along the edges of the sawahs near Ubud. You will learn about the methods the local farmers use to cultivate rice and to produce the traditional medicines. Boreh, a type of body scrub for example is used to prevent rheumatism and is made out of cloves, ginger, red rice, galangal and Javanese turmeric. Lilir will pull, pick and crush roots and leaves so you can smell the strong fragrances. You will enjoy sucking the nectar out of the red flowers of the hibiscus tree and drinking fresh, young coconut juice.

The older generations have used traditional medicines all their lives and just used their own backyards to prepare what they needed. It is sad to see that this old tradition is disappearing as the younger generations use modern medicine today. With this walk we would like to show you the richness of nature and what it provides us with.

The tour is every day starting at 8.30 am to 12 pm.

Price includes:

  • Herbal walk
  • English speaking guide
  • Herbal Tea
  • Refreshing herbal drinks
  • Balinese cake or tropical fruit
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Meet Westi and Lilir

Hi, we are Westi and Lilir and are both qualified guides. We have a passion for nature and in particular traditional herbal medicines. I (Westir) qualified myself to teach others about Bali's living pharmacy. I now study with three traditional healers. We are both afraid that this wisdom will die out if it is not kept alive, therefore we started to provide this tour. Our parents were farmers who remembered how much healthier the soil was before chemical farming. We want to use our position as guides to help preserve Bali's unique indigenous heritage.


This walk was so nice! Just very relaxed, interesting and in a beautiful environment just oitside Ubud. Nice guide too, she could tell everything about the use of herbs and plants.

22 Jul 2017

Lilir's energy and enthusiasm are boundless. We had such a wonderful walk around the sawahs, teaching me about the benefits of herbs and natural medicines. I loved it a lot!

29 Jun 2016

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€ 15,58 p.p.
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