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Experience mystical and spiritual balinese life

Jasri (bali), Indonesia

The Activity


  • Experience the mystical ritual of “Jerangkong” with a local shaman
  • Get a glimpse of local village life
  • Visit the farmers, pottery makers and the blacksmith
  • Enjoy a Tai Chi and meditation class in the early morning
  • Have a homestay experience and learn about local family life
  • Duration: 2 full days/ 3 nights
  • Minimum number of people is 2 with a maximum of 6


Welcome to our village! Jasri is a small fishing town located in the eastern part of Bali. Together with all the villagers we started a collaboration to open up our village to people who would be interested to experience typical Balinese village life. In these next two days you will experience mystical and spiritual Balinese life.

Upon arrival you will be warmly welcomed by one of our families where you will spend the coming 2 nights. This evening we will visit the house of a shaman to see the mystical ritual of “Jerangkong”. The villagers still come to the shaman because they want help or advice regarding certain circumstances; uncured illness, money problems, passed relatives etc. A very special and unique experience! In the evening a typical Balinese dinner will be served by your family.

The next morning waking up by the families’ rooster, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast with fresh fruits and eggs of your choice. Today we will start with a morning walk through the small and narrow streets of Jasri. Many of the houses are made out of black lava stone. The lava stone and the sand are the blessing of the Mount Agung eruption in 1963. We will visit our local school and then continue to see the farmers working in their rice fields. You will learn about the traditional farming methods we use for cultivating the rice. Later on you will have a chance to visit the village women making the traditional potteries and to see how the local blacksmith makes the traditional utilities. A special dinner will be served in the evening that will be a surprise.

The next morning, before heading to your next destination, we will start the day early with a Tai Chi and meditation lesson– stretch your body and absorb the positive energy of the freshness of the early morning. After having breakfast with your family it is time to say goodbye.

Price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Ritual of “Jerangkong” with a local shaman
  • English-speaking guide
  • Village walk
  • Food
  • Tai Chi Lesson

Transportation to/from Jasri can be arranged for a very reasonable price.

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We, people of Jasri, work mostly as farmers, fishermen, traditional craftspeople and workers. We strongly hold our unique culture and tradition and our lives are still very communal. We would love to share our culture with you and give a peek into our daily lives.


$ 120.38 p.p.
Incl. service fee
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