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Experience a toraja funeral ceremony

Rantepao, sulawesi, Indonesia

  • tana toraja
  • Experience local life in Sulawesi
  • sulawesi tourist attractions
  • travel Sulawesi

  • tana toraja
  • Experience local life in Sulawesi
  • sulawesi tourist attractions
  • travel Sulawesi

The Activity


  • Experience a traditional Toraja Funeral Ceremony
  • Get a peek into daily life and culture
  • Taste some traditional Torajan food
  • Learn more about life on Sulawesi from Ino
  • Duration: 1 day


I am Ino, and I am from the South of Sulawesi in Indonesia, a picturesque mountainous region that is home to an indigenous group, the Torajans. I will take you to one of our funeral ceremonies which is a very important event in our culture. It is a is a great celebration of life, much like a going-away party, and everybody of the village takes part.

At 8 am I will pick you up from your homestay. We will then go by car/foot/public transport to Kete Kesu where we can see a traditional village. The Torajan’s have very unique and traditional house artictecture. After Kete Kesu we will experience a Toraja funeral ceremony if there is one taking place. A Toraja funeral ceremony last for 4 days with different rituals each day.

Then we will have lunch in in a restaurant in Rantepao where you can try Torajan traditional food such as Pa'piong (meat cooked in Bamboo).

In the afternoon we will visit a burial site of the Torajans and see the baby grave on the big tree. Around 5 pm I will bring you back to your homestay or hotel.

Meeting point: your hotel in Rantepao Yogyakarta

Starting time: 8.30 am until 5 pm

Price includes:

  • English speaking guide

Price excludes:

  • Lunch (around 3 USD)
  • Donation (usually we bring 1 box of cigarette)
  • Entrance fee (around 2 USD)
  • Local transportation costs
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Meet Ino

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Hi, I'm Ino! I am from Toraja and I work as farmer and a tour guide. I would love to take you on a journey through our culture and my daily life.


$ 30.00 p.p.
Incl. service fee
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