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Balinese cooking class in a local village

Rumah desa, (jatiluwih), Indonesia

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The cooking class was very nice! Wayan is a good chef and he explained eveything very well! We had a lot of fun together! Putu the driver, was also very nice and told us a lot about Bali and the Balinese people!! Rumah Desa is a beautifull place! And last, but not least.. I think the food we made was good, a little bit to spicy for me, but good! :-) A lot of people ate it and thought it was good (all thanks to Wayan ofcourse! :-)) Now we can make some Balinese food in Holland! Or we will try at least!! We have no comments or advise! It was perfect! We would recommend it to our friends if they go to Bali! Thanks for everything!!

21 Sep 2015

In a small village 27 km north of Denpaser in Bali is the home stay and cooking class of the friendly Wayan Sudiantara and his family. They live in a beautiful traditional Balinese compound and Wayan told me a lot about the traditional way of living with all its traditions. He is proud of his culture and like to share and preserve it. I joined the traditional cooking class from Wayan Muliarta which was very entertaining and super super delicious. It was way more than a cooking class. I was even invited to visit the temple and to see the traditional dancers and I walked with Made through the rice fields as he explained all kind of things about the community and the farming in Bali.

18 Dec 2014

We did a Balinese cooking class @ Rumah Desa (Bali) on our holiday. The lovely people at the village explained everything about the spices and herbs and we went to a local food market. The cooking class is a must-do! We cooked for three hours and had so much fun. The food was delicious!!! It is a shame that we don't cook that much in Holland ;).

04 Sep 2014

I had an amazing day at Rumah Desa. It was not just a 'cooking class', but so much more. I learned a lot about Balinese food, the lifestyle of Balinese people, the culture and more. We cooked a lot of different dishes, which all tasted amazing! We talked a lot and in the end Wayan read my hand, to tell me about me and my future. It was very special, wouldn't wanna have missed it. Wayan and his team are doing an amazing job!

25 Aug 2014

The cooking class in Rumah Desa was the coolest activity of our holiday! The staff is so nice and sweet and the class is really good. You get a big book with all the dishes to take home and you will be able to make the best Indonesian rijsttafel ever!!

19 Aug 2014