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Virtual: indian chai (tea) time with payal

Jaipur, India

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  • Virtual travel experience: tea time with Payal
  • Virtual Indian Chai Session
  • Tea time snack, Pakora's


Duration: 2 hours

Meeting Point: Virtual

Number of people: 1 - 6



  • Enjoy a delicious cup of Indian Chai with Payal
  • Learn about the art of Indian tea making
  • Hear the secrets behind make a good cuppa
  • Learn more about the healthy benefits
  • Duration: 1-2 hours



Hi, I am Payal and I'm a real food lover. Indian cuisine is very rich in flavors, spices, ingredients, and recipes that go back to ancient times. I'm fascinated by it and would love to share my knowledge with you.

Normally, I run an on-site home cooking class, but during this time, I decided to start an Indian Tea Time Chat.

Chai is the national drink of India. It originates from the Indian Subcontinent but has now gained its popularity throughout the world. Though, the modern-day 'Chai' is prepared as a decoction of milk, water, and some spices. Historically it was a herbal medicine derived from the Ayurveda Text.

The spices that are used for making Chai are Cardamom, Cloves, Black pepper, Ginger / Ginger powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron, and fresh herbs like Holy Basil and Mint. Each Spice has its unique quality that fights with infections, helps in general well being and if regulated properly cures many diseases. During this session, I will teach you my mom's homemade blend and we can make some delicious pakoras with it if you like.

Once you have booked I will send you the recipe via email. You will buy the necessary ingredients and on the day and time that you have booked the online cooking class, I will guide you via Zoom or Skype through the recipe. Once done, we can have a further chat about Indian culture, your culture, and share stories while we enjoy our tea.

Can't wait to meet you soon!

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  • Your selected recipe via email
  • Personal online cooking class via Zoom or Skype

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  • The ingredients you have to buy yourself due to COVID19

Meet Payal

Member since: June 2020

Hi I am Payal and I live I Jaipur where I run a home cooking class and a bed & breakfast. I am fond of cooking and would love to share our rich food culture with you. I have put everything up in a homey setting that really gives a peek into Indian life.

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$ 15.00 p.p.