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Experience the nomadic lifestyle of tibet

Chengdu, China

  • Tibet tours

  • Tibet tours

The Activity


  • Experience the nomadic lifestyle of Gonkho and his family
  • Learn to ride or milk a yak, and sleep in a yurt
  • Enjoy the massive plains of Tibet
  • Learn to make traditional food
  • Join in the daily activities of the family and make friends for a lifetime
  • Duration: 7 days

Hi, I am Gonkho and my family and I invite you to experience the true nomadic lifestyle of Tibet with us. The Tibetan people migrate twice a year between their winter and summer camps (May and October). This is the perfect period to join and stay with us.


Our aim is to preserve and promote the traditional culture and nomadic lifestyle of the Tibetan people, which is in danger due to the modernization of life on the Tibetan plateau.

During this experience you have a chance to learn how to ride a yak, horse, milk the yaks and learn how to make butter and cheese; and witness how to wool tents and traditional mud stoves are made.

Below is an example schedule how the program will look like.

Day 1: Arrive in Chengdu (China)

Day 2 - 3 / Transfer to the prairies of Tangkor

Day 4-5-6 / join the local family in their move to the summer/winter camp

Day 7 / Transfer to Chengdu and end of the trip

Optional extensions.

The migration will be done on horseback, but we can also organize trips combining car and walk back to the camp where the night is spent.

It can be combined with other cultural visits in the area or even visit Lhasa and surroundings.

Price includes:

  • Local Tibetan English speaking guide
  • Transportation from / to Chengdu and airport transfers
  • 2-3 * hotel accommodation (4 nights) full board
  • 6 horses and 2 nomadic herdsmen with their horses
  • 2 Horses for nomadic migration
  • Activities described
  • Traditional meals in pastures
  • Camping equipment (tents, tent mat and sink)
  • Accommodation and subsistence guides, drivers and other local staff
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My name is Gonkho and I am from the nomadic grasslands of eastern Tibet (Amdo) and know this region better than anyone else. My local knowledge of the area is a great asset in creating a true local experience in Tibet. I am fluent in Tibetan and English and studied Eco-tourism at Columbia University. I obtained my Chinese national tour guide license in 2006. Since then I have been working in tourism focusing mostly on guiding tourists across Tibetan plateau, especially in Amdo, Kham and Tibet Autonomous Region.


$ 1,110.00 p.p.
Incl. service fee
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