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2-day mandarin crash course

Beijing, shanghai, shenzhen, China

The Experience Reviews (3)
  • Teacher teaching Chinese
  • Our teacher Yang Laoshi
  • Having fun in the Mandarin crash course
  • Learn Chinese in Beijng


Duration: 2 days

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 1 - 4



  • To the point language course
  • No more hassle with a dictionary app
  • Access on the go to all your learnings
  • Create flashcards, mock tests, and keep track of all the new vocabulary you will learn
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Private class



The number one hurdle to overcome when travelling around China is the language barrier. Even though more and more young people are learning English it is still a challenge.

With this short 2-day Mandarin crash course you will be given a good base to making yourself understood in China. No more fumbling with a dictionary app!

We provide the course in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Over the 2 day crash course, students will be introduced to all the topics they need to travel. Topics to be covered: transportation, buying/haggling, ordering food, asking for directions, requesting the wifi password. The course will take place over two 4-hour sessions, so 8 hours in total.

If you have special requests, don’t hesitate to ask. You can ask at the beginning of the language course to include different topics. From province names to camping vocabulary, we will help you to have an amazing Chinese experience.

Everything that you learn will be uploaded by your teacher into an online platform, which you can access from anywhere. Our in-house designed platform was made to help you be able to access words on the go, create flashcards and mock tests, and keep track of all the new vocabulary you’ll learn.

Price includes:

  • Class and material
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Meet the Teachers

Member since: June 2015

We are full time professionals, most of us majored in teaching Chinese or in Chinese language. We will help teach you Mandarin using our special method, like Link Words and storytelling, which keep you talking longer and learning more.

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Incl. service fee

$ 197.29 p.p.