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Meet the unique cambodian gibbon!

Veun sai (northeast), Cambodia

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  • Gibbon spotting Veun Sai Cambodia
  • Passing the river by ferry
  • Mama Gibbon and baby
  • Some other unique creatures
  • Waiting at dawn for the Gibbons
  • Bedroom in the cottage
  • Or in the hammock
  • Local children


Duration: 2 days

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 2 - 6



  • Have the chance to come close to one of the rarest animals in Cambodia
  • Support the local community by attaining this tour
  • Enjoy the sounds of the jungle far away of the tourist trail
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Minimum number of people for this tour is 2 with a maximum of 6



During this 2-day adventure you will come face to face with some of Cambodia's rarest animals, the Cambodian Gibbon. This little monkey has its home in Northeast part of Cambodia called Veun Sai. This protected area is home to an extremely important gibbon population as well as a host of other endangered species. This jungle is teeming with tropical birds, jungle cats, monkeys, butterflies, reptiles and more.

Our adventure starts with a pickup from you hotel in Ban Lung at 8.30 am. Our journey leads us through small villages surrounded by forest to the little town of Veun Sai. From there you will have a motorbike ride (you on the back) for approximately 30 minutes to a Laotian community where we will have a short break and meet someone from the local community. We continue our bike ride to the base camp where we will arrive around 12 pm. Along the way we might see tracks and signs of some of the local wildlife such as the claw marks of the sun bear on the tree trunks, or footprints of deer and other species as well as local birds.

As soon as we arrive at the base camp you have some time to relax and a delicious lunch will be served. Later in the afternoon we will do a short hike to the nearby savannah for a spot of bird watching. As we have to rise early the next morning to see the gibbons it is recommended to go to bed early!

The next morning it is an early awakening – 3.15 am it is time to wake up to see the gibbons as they call loudly to mark their territory at dawn. This is the best way to locate them. It is dark and the jungle is dense so you will need to wear long pants and bring your own torch to see. Once we reach the edge of a grassy savannah we wait for the call of a particular gibbon family, currently the only group that accepts people in their presence.

As soon as your local guide has spot them you have the chance to come very close – less than 15 meters! It is always a guess how long they will stay as they can travel quickly from tree to tree and leave in a split second. Once they do, it can be very difficult for us to find them again, however the group can often be followed for a couple of hours throughout the forest.

Around 10:30am we slowly walk back to the station where we will have brunch. If you select to only visit the gibbons we then pack up and get ready to leave. If you can't get enough of this beautiful area and have some time left then have a look at the options below. You can just inform us if you want to do any of these extra activities as soon as you have made the booking with I Like Local for the Gibbon Tour.

In addition to the gibbon trek we also offer the options below.

Night treks - see the highly unique loris and other native nocturnal species.

Day treks - into the mountains, waterfalls, and evergreen forests, to view a variety of wildlife including rare birds.

Jungle camping - Spend a night in the jungle and experience this unique opportunity.

Viti Sustainable Communities - Visit Laos and Kavet indigenous villages and see how they live. Homestays could be arranged if you wish. You can also join a tour into the forest with locals to see how they sustainably harvest non timber forest products.

Price includes:

  • Entrance fee
  • Local guide
  • Accommodation (room or hammock)
  • Local food (Day one -lunch and dinner; Day 2- breakfast and lunch)
  • Motor taxi for round trip from Veun Sai town to camp

Price excludes:

  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation (from Banlung to Veun Sai town)
  • Ferry
More information

Meet the Community of Veun Sai

Member since: July 2015

This community based ecotourism project was set up with help from an international conservation NGO to provide revenue and alternative livelihoods to the local people and reduce the impacts on this wild and untamed part of Cambodia so that it can endure. By attaining this tour you are directly supporting this community.

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Incl. service fee

$ 85.20 p.p.